Save me

Wounded, kidnapped, scared, beaten, thirsty, and hungry, Jack had finally lost hope. Assuming he never would see the snow again, the happy, worry less winter spirit we've all come to know and love is gone. Replaced by a shell filled with worry, pain, and worst of all brokenness.


8. Chapter Eight.


I felt my eyes slowly crack open and whimpered a little as pain developed     behind my eyes, I was dehydrated and over heated. I looked around me and felt my lips tremble again.  I was past done with everything, I wanted to see the other Guardians even if it was for them to say they hated me and banned me from being a Guardian, I just wanted to be free. My eyes widened a little as I heard several grunts and light flash below, summoning all the strength I had I crawled over to the side and looked down, my face lighting up as I see Pitch in a corner Tooth, Sandy, North, and Bunny all around him. 

"Guys!" I croaked out and stretched my arm out towards them, smiling a little as Tooth raced up here."Jack! We've been searching for you,, are you okay? What  happened? Forget that, we're getting you out of here." She smiled  reassuringly and cupped my cheek but   pulled away her eyes widening. "Jack, why are you so warm?"

"I'm over heated, it's too hot in here.." I whispered my eyes closing as fatigue started to take over. "Need to get above.." I Whimpered softly but was off  in a cry of pain as I'm yanked backwards a forearm put around my throat cutting off my oxygen. I kicked a  little trying to get free and looked up  seeing Pitch bloodied and bruised a feral look in his eyes. I Sent a wide eyed look to Tooth and now Sandy who was on top of a stingray and floating outside  the cage. I Whimpered and struggled weakly as Nightmares screamed and come charging towards the cage. 

"leave us alone." Pitch growled tightening his grip on my throat while I  dig my nails into his skin already seeing  spots and my legs slowing. I felt my eyes start to close as I used up the last of my energy, now literally only held up by Pitches arm around my throat.



;Okay, wow, hi guys! I'm so so sorry for being gone so long. I'm hopefully going to be able to update a lot more soon. Just keep your fingers crossed!! I just want to say thank you all SO MUCH for sticking around and not unfollowing , it means so south. So thank you! 

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