New world

Hello my name is Marie Alexa.I was born in Holmes Chapel.My mothers name is Isabell my father died in a car accident and thats why i moved to holmes chapel because i used to live in long island.

I had a boyfriend named JD Justin i loved him he loved me to we were a happy couple but thats what i thought... Few months later i found out he was going out with the biggest slut on the school named Gaby Ross it was the worst day of my life.

That day i told my best friend wasnt ganna love ever again because i didnt trust no boys but everyday or should i say week a different came up to me and ask me out but i always rejected them.

Untill one day this curlied haired boy moved to my school the school name is The Ross High School that day i felt something...


4. Chapter 3

Marie's POV

Bri was deep in a thought she was really into it like she was thinking really hard to something but i might as well ask her what shes thinking about i need to know.

"Bri what are u thinking about u look deep in a thought" "Oh umm i was thinking about what are we ganna do this weekend no worries okay dont worry" okay that was weird she seem nervous i know she hidding something from me and doesnt want to tell me ive known her since birth and she doesnt want to tell me but no need to worry.

We were already at the school i was just looking for a parking space. When i finally found one i parked me and bri came of and went over to our friends and said hi or hello.

I over to JD and kissed him on the lips and said good morning and he kissed back and said good morning too. JD seemed a little off today thats a little weird but i didnt worry to much.

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