New world

Hello my name is Marie Alexa.I was born in Holmes Chapel.My mothers name is Isabell my father died in a car accident and thats why i moved to holmes chapel because i used to live in long island.

I had a boyfriend named JD Justin i loved him he loved me to we were a happy couple but thats what i thought... Few months later i found out he was going out with the biggest slut on the school named Gaby Ross it was the worst day of my life.

That day i told my best friend wasnt ganna love ever again because i didnt trust no boys but everyday or should i say week a different came up to me and ask me out but i always rejected them.

Untill one day this curlied haired boy moved to my school the school name is The Ross High School that day i felt something...


2. Chapter 1

Its was a monday morning ugh i hate mondays there always boring but i have to get up because my alarm wouldnt shut up so i struggle to get of my comfy bed.

I make my way to the bathroom when im in there i turn on the bath water and setting it up to a warm level while doing that i brush my teeth and wash my face when im done i hope in the shower i decide to wash my hair so i grab my vanilla scent shampoo the scrub it all over my hair and then was it off and put the conditioner on and scrub it on my hair too and wash it all off.

When im done i reach for my towell and dry myself then i get out and go straight to my closet and decide for what to wear. When im done struggling to put the mess i left on the closet floor i decided what to wear and that outfit is high wasted short and crop top with a cardigan and my shoes are my white converse.

When in all done i do my hair i brush it and leave it down for the waves to show i dont do make up cause i hate it so much with a passion so i just use my chap stick for my lips thats all.

I head to the kitchen to look for something to eat since i havent eatin breakfast in a long time so i get some cereal and some orange juice ohh yea and my mother leaves early to go to work she works in a bussniess company. When im done with my breakfast i grab my bag and car keys and head to my car its a Range Rover i got it for my 16th birthday.

I get on the drivers seat and put my bag in the back. I head to my friends house to pick her up since i called her last night to ask her if i can pick her up she said its alright so i was heading to her house. When i got there i called her and told her i was outside she said she was comin in 2min.

When she got on the passengers seat we both headed to the school.

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