Blair is a regular 17 year old she goes to high school, has lots of friends and is an honor student. Everything changes when she is targeted by the demons. They look for pure blood humans to suck the life out of for power. Slayde a very powerful demon is sent to kill her but plans suddenly change. Will he risk everything's he's worked for, for a mortal? Read my upcoming fan fiction to find out! thanks guys!(:


1. chapter 1

Blairs P.O.V

I wake up to the smell of pancakes and sizzled bacon. One of the only things my mother is good at is cooking. For most of my life she's screwed up and been to busy to care. Having an accidental child at 16 made my mom be to busy living her life to give me one. After I was born my dad fled to much pressure having a kid while in high school and all. Basically I had to raise myself, I rely and trust only myself. Always have always will.

"Hi honey how was your sleep?" in her pretend to care tone.

"Fine mom how was yours?" I asked but not really cared.

"Mine was absolutely great I took some pills and poof out like a light! haha!" Of course she did thts my mom fixed her problems with pills and a glass of water. I flipped my golden blonde hair out of my eyes. I devoured my moms incredibly delicious pancakes. She walked over to me swaying her hips as she always does. She embraced me in a tight bear hug.

"Honey have a great first day of school as a junior!!" she squealed "I'm gonna miss not having you here to take care of things" she smiled, wow I thought using me to clean after her parties! I'm glad to be going back to Trace Brook High School. I sighed and stepped on to my dirty old bus.

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