New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


8. where am I?


Rachel's Pov:

I was walking down the hallway crying and tripped over a chair left in the hallway i was lost and already crying because i was thinking about what my parents had said about me when Mel's parents took me in their care. But when i fell i guess i passed out and got hurt really badly ugh that damn chair i thought to my self. anyways i was in a ambulance and i was all alone I'm only guessing its an ambulance because its moving really fast and i can hear loud sirens.

"WHERES MEL?!?!" i yell to the guy next to me "Its ok they are all right behind us they couldn't ride in here with you there was too many people.'' "what do you mean too many people who was there?"

"It was your sister and five boys that claim to be friends with you." "ohh ok well i need to ask one more question." "And what would that be? he asked"   "What exactly happened back there at the school?"     Oh well you see you tripped over a chair and fell really hard to the ground and fainted your sister and all five guys walked around the corner and saw you laying there and the tall one with the stripped shirt picked you up and ran you to the office and told them o call the hospital and he didn't want to let go of you and when we got there he was crying and he quickly gave you to us and he asked if he could ride with you but we wouldn't let him because its not allowed." he told me

"ohh ok i remember falling and i could hear screaming coming from someone. But I wasn't really conscious so I didn't know." I said kind of matter of fact toned. "Ya but when you fell you broke your leg because you landed on it pretty hard and when you fell your ankle kind of twisted in the process so that's how it's broken" he told me. "Well that's fun isn't it."I sighed. "I know sweetie but you will be fine we aren't going to but you in a leg cast because fortunately it's not that broken there is a small bone on the side of your foot... And that bone is protecting another bone because if that bone broke you would be badly injured and probably wouldn't be able to walk again and have crutches for the rest of your life." He said teaching me something me in the process. We finally arrived at the hospital and they took me out on the bed thingy I never really payed attention to what he said it was called I "accidently" zoned out RACHEL!!! RACHEL!!!! I heard someone call from behind me but I didn't turn I was stuck and I didn't want to see anyone right now because I really don't want to tell the boys why I was crying or how I tripped which will lead to why I was crying.

Louis pov:

RACHEL!!! RACHEL!!!! I called but she didn't turn around "I really need to know how she fell because I feel like this is all my fault"I thought. "It's ok it's not your fault Lou" Niall reassured me. Wait what do you mean I didn't say anything are you a freaking mind reader Niall?!?! "No mate you were thinking aloud but that would be sick If I could then I would be able to read Mel's mind" he said quietly so only I could hear.

*We finally got inside and we ran to the front desk*

Mel: "hiya we are here to see my sister Rachel"

The nurse:"Last name?"

Mel:"Oh ya sorry bailey"

Nurse: "Oh ok she is in room 108 it's right down the hall."

Niall: thank you ma'am

Nurse:No problem boys

Mel:*cough cough* I'm a girl!!!

Nurse:oh ya and you too then

"that was really rude stop flirting with us and say your sorry to our friend right now then go back to what you were doing and let us through!!!!"Harry snapped

"I'm so sorry here when your done I wanna talk to you before you leave"the nurse tells Mel.

"Ya sure what ever'' Mel says back unhappy

we all started walking through the doors after she finally let us in. I was first then Louis,Niall,Zayn, then Harry.  

"hey if you wanna stay here we can "talk" if you want instead of going to visit your friend" he nurse whispers to harry but says it so we all could hear her.

''I'm sorry but I'm not gay now leave me the hell alone!'' harry yells back we all start laughing

"wow harry i didn't know you had that much sass in you" Zayn says shocked ''I know I'm getting kind of scared where did you learn to get that much sass?!?'' Niall says. Louis they all say

''sup guys'' i say to them. ''i need to spend more time with you what harry said was actually a great comeback." Mel says to me. ''thanks i taught him everything he knows'' i tell her


we got to her room #108

H:"it was not down the hall like that lady said that little liar!"

M: ''i know right but we are here now guys. hey Rachel how is my sista?''

R: ''im fine i broke my ankle though that damn chair!''

Lou:aw well then i guess i will have to carry you around school for the next six weeks huh?

R: its fine i will have crutches you wont have to carry me.

Lou: it would be my honor princess

N: hey that's my thing!

Li: stop whining Niall its ok.


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