New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


6. The Neighbors

Me and Rachel just finished getting dressed and my mum asked us if we could carry some appetizers over. She handed me mashed potatoes and Rachel cornbread and my mum took over a salad.

We walked over and a lady opened the door

hey, I'm Maura Niall and Greg's mum.

Hello I'm penny I'm Mel and Rachel's mum.

Well it's very nice to meet you all. Boys she shouts up the stairs

Be down in a minute a boy calls back

Ok well please hurry love she yells.

Oh Maura we brought over some food we have mashed potatoes,cornbread, and a salad.

Oh why thank you we are gonna have meatloaf for dinner and my son Niall really loves potatoes. So it all should work out.

Mrs.Horan would you like any help with placing out the plates and glasses?

Thank you Mel that would help so much since the boys aren't down yet.


We had just finished putting all the plates out and we hear loud thumping coming down the stairs I'm guessing they are coming down now.

Hey boys, Maura says.

Hello ladies I'm guessing Greg said.

Hi I'm Niall

And I'm his older brother Greg.

Hello boys Rachel says happily.

Hi guys I say without making eye contact with anyone because I'm still helping.

Here love let me help you with those Niall holds his hand out gesturing for me to hand him stuff.

Thanks I'll give you half

No it's ok give it all I mean you are the guest

I really don't mind I like helping.

Fine, have it your way.


We were setting out silver wear when Niall pokes me with a fork

Ouch what was that for?!?

I got bored sorry.

It's ok "takes the spoon and hits him on the head"

Oh it's on! Niall yells

Your darn right it is! I yell back

"Rachel walks in"

R:What are you two doing?!?

M/N:Nothing we say casually

R:Ya sure then why are u pinning Niall down to the floor?

M:Haha funny story so he poked newish a fork and I hit him with a spoon then we started wrestling and I quickly pinned him down and do you wanna know what that means?

R:I don't know do I really wanna know?

M:I'm stronger then a boy and do you see this I'm not strong.

R:Ya sure your not strong, don't you remember when I took a bite of your food you almost killed me I had a bruise from when you kicked my ankle

M:Oh that's how that happened I thought you just fell or something I'm sorry sissy.


M:I'm sorry Rachel I'm sure it did I'm just laughing about how protective Mel is over her food.

R:You should have seen her on the planes he ordered 7 peanut bags and then 3 chip bags and I dropped a peanut bag and she tried to make me get out of my seat and get it from under my seat.

N:Haha " high fives Mel"

R:I really don't understand you guys

N:it's ok you don't have to.


We are all eating and I sat down on the right side of the table and Rachel sat on the other side she was gonna sit next to me but Niall ran over and sat next to me before Rachel got there.

We were all taking turns to get up and get our food me and Niall were first.

We got up and Niall ran over

Niall calm down it will still be there if you walk!

I know but I just really love food and I'm really hungry.

It's ok lets just go get food


Everyone has already eaten and we were all talking.

So Niall my mum starts what grade are you in as of right now.

Well Mrs.Bailey I'm starting high school I'm a freshman.

Oh really so is Rachel and Mel they are going to start going to school Monday.

That's really cool hopefully we can still hang out since we might not be able to since we are going to school.

Ya hopefully we will.


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