New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


4. plane ride

Mel's pov: We had just finished going through the obstacles we had to do before getting to the ticket part and let me just tell you it sucked I'm so tired and hungry from all that work and ugh! Omg Rachel I need food or I might die! But we just ate not even two hours ago. Omg I haven't eaten for that long?!? I see it. You can see what Rachel asked. I see the light! Mel that's the plane light it probably shouldn't be on anyways it's not dark outside we can still see your so dramatic. Rachel's pov: I see it Mel said. You can see what? I see the light! Mel that's the plane light it probably shouldn't be on anyways it's not dark outside we can still see gosh you can be so dramatic sometimes! Hey Rachel I'm gonna take a quick nap. Ok and the plane just took off and we should be there in an hour and thirty minutes it's not that far away thank god! Excuse me would you two girls like a snack oh ya sure thanks. WAIT DID U SAY SNACKS?!? Omg your my hero I've been dying over here I'll take 7 peanut packets and 3 chip bags thanks :) Mel said to the worker. I'm so sorry I hope she didn't cause you any trouble she gets hungry what too much if she could eat breakfast lunch and dinner all at once she probably would and do it three times a day. The flight attendant laughed and said it was no problem and asked if I wanted any thing. Oh um I'll take a chip bag and a thing of peanuts thanks. Sure honey the lady said back oh and can I ask you a quick question? Ya sure what do you need? I was just wondering how much longer it would be? Oh we should be landing in about a hour. Ok great thanks.


About seven minutes later the lady finally comes back and Mel wakes up. Finally it's about time they brought me food Mel told me I quickly elbowed her in the shoulder so the lady wouldn't hear her. Ow what was that for?!? You need to shut up for a second don't be rude be happy they even brought u something. Well sorry. Thank you ma'am she smiled at me while handing me everything. Oops I dropped one of Mel's peanut packets hope she didn't notice. Mel's pov: what was that? Psh nothing. Doesn't seem like nothing. Get it. But it fell by your feet and I can't reach it. You dropped it so you get to go and get it but you have six others she said. Ya but I ordered 7 of them now get it. Make me. Your such a baby fine I will get it oh another nickname "my baby." I should have got the packet for you maybe then we wouldn't be having this conversation. Ya we probably wouldn't but hey that's how we learn right? Whatever we are landing in thirty minutes okay so eat them fast Rachel said. Not a problem I just finished eating everything. What but I just handed them to you not even two minutes ago who do you do that? Well my nickname is vacuum right? You're so weird. I know but that why you love me.


Authors note:

Hey sorry this is my first movellas so I'm sorry if it's not the best but I hope you guys like it so far:) thanks for reading!

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