New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


5. New House

Mel's pov: we had landed about 30 minutes ago and we are supposed to be at the house in ten minutes. Me and my mum are up front and Rachel's in the back and we are all singing to a mixture of MKTO (Classic) B.O.B (magic) Katy Perry (kissed a girl) and All-star Weekend (not your birthday). After the songs finished my mum told us that when we get there we can get a quick snack. These are some of the reasons I love my mum to death she knows what's up. She also said we would be starting school on Monday and today's Saturday so we have two days to look around and get recognized with the environment. Oh and girls my mom starts, we have some neighbors across the street who are gonna come by later. She says that it's a family with two brothers. I'll be looking forward to meeting them who knows.


We finally pull up to a house and the house is a shade of violet and it's huge I've never had a house that big before. The shutters are white and the door is also white with the word "welcome." Honestly all I'm paying attention to is where my mum said the food is because I haven't eaten for like an hour and I could die.

Rachel's pov: Mel was here a second ago but as soon as I turned and looked back she was gone. Probably went to go get some food whatever, so I decided to give myself a tour of the house. The house was a violet color with white shutters and a white door. The door said welcome in a cursive form in navy blue print. While I was walking inside I see Mel over in the kitchen she looks up and smiles at me and says my prayers have been answered! She's a dork and she always will be.

Hey Mel you wanna come with me up stairs and look around?

Yes! Let's go!

When get up the stairs and there is a long hallway the first room is the guest room, second is the Landry room, third is the wash room(bathroom), and then our room.

Mel: It's beautiful I don't think we should change it.

Rachel: I know it's a mixture of our favorite colors who ever had it last had good taste!

The room was a lime green with navy blue and violet circles painted onto the walls it's pretty cool actually. And mums room is the last one in the hallway her room is a light brown with the words believe written over the bed in white cursive.

Mel's pov: we walked back Dow the stairs and when out side to go help with the boxes. Mum, we can take the rest of the boxes in and you can go rest if you would like.

Thanks Hun

No prob mum.


We have been unloading these boxes for about 30 minutes and we have about 15 left to go.

Rachel I need a break.

R:Ok baby let's take a break since you need one so bad.

M:Thank you

R:Whatever I was getting tired too.

R:So that boy who is coming over what do you think he will be like?

M:I have no clue but if he eats as much as me we will get along great.

R:Well if he likes to read and watch Disney movies we will get along perfectly.

M:What if he likes both then we all can be besties.

R:He probably won't want to hang out with us no one ever does they all hate us why would this one be different?

M:Well maybe he is different we just don't have friends because we don't try to get along with them.

R:Ok so something on a completely different topic your birthday is coming up soon what do you want?

M: I don't know I haven't thought of anything.

R: Ok well when you do think of something tell me.

M: will do. We should probably get back to work though the neighbors will be over in an hour and we gotta get ready still.

R: Oh right.


We had finished in packing and the neighbors called and said to come over to there house whenever we are ready.

Me and Rachel took are boxes up stairs and we unpacked everything so we could figure out what to wear.

M: What dress looks better with my blonde hair? The black strapless with the white bottom and purple ribbon or should I do the full strapless black dress with white lace on the top with a black belt?

I would say the first one now can you help me with what I'm gonna wear I was thinking my pink strapless dress with the black belt or should I go with the light blue and black belt?

Light blue you always look perfect while wearing it.

Aww thanks sissy.

I'm not gonna wear any make up I really don't need any how bout you?

Nah, I won't wear any either I hate make up it covers girls true beauty.


Authors note: ok so in the beginning I listed a few songs and I just wanted to ad that if you have never listened to any of those songs you have too they all are awesome and btw the next chapter won't be as long I'm gonna start it right now but it probably won't be out till tomorrow in the afternoon thanks for reading XOXO :)

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