New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


3. leaving early

Rachel's pov: I was in science with mrs. Stone when the phone rang before she got up to get it she said ok class you have 5 minutes to study for the pop quiz. My stomach dropped when I heard this but its ok because I know exactly what the main office called in for. Mrs. Bailey you are going home for the day please go out to your locker and get your stuff I will write you a hall pass. Thank you mrs. Stone I'll go gather my books and composition books oh darling can you actually just leave the text books here your leaving this school and moving so unless you wanna pay for them? After she said that I tried to apologize and get by with saying oops but just my luck the whole class starts busting out laughing nice to know they've been ease dropping on our whole conversation instead of studying hope they all fail it. Luckily I was facing the teacher and my back was turned to the class cuz I did them all a favor if you know what I mean. Miss. Bailey go get your stuff right now and If I ever see that finger held up again... I cut her off what you will send me to detention I'm leaving this school right now there probably won't be a again sorry can't blame you for trying though! And with that I yelled peace and ran out of that class room like no ones business. I am so fed up with this school I'm mean UGH!!! While I was running down the hall way I ran into someone whoops I'm so sorry oh shit I mumbled to my self it was my schools hallway monitor jake Watson. Well aren't you in a hurry. I'll give u 30 seconds to explain and it better be real this time or detention for you missy. First off did you just call me missy are you my dad now?!? And I was phoned to the office I'm going home and I was running a little late and I was supposed to meat Mel in the front office so we could walk home together now if you don't mind I'll be leaving now and I pushed him out of the way and kept on running. Mel's pov: where in the hell is Rachel she was called down 6 minutes ago and she is still not here then I hear jake screaming and someone but I can't tell who then I hear a voice saying missy really since when are you my dad?!? I know who that is it has to be Rachel Incan tell because she talks back way too much it's pretty obvious. Then I see her running down the hall yelling hey sorry I was late Ill explain on the was let's go she says and yanks my arm so that now we are both running. We finally get home and she tells me everything from the phone call to when she is running down the hall to find me. You are such a Diva Rachel what happened you used to be so shy I've created a monster! Omg new nick name Frankenstein! Wow how does she do it?Rachel says while sighing

Says the girl that has given me more than one nickname let's see there is vacuum cuz I eat way too much. Slipper cuz when ever I'm walking or doing anything really I will slip. Sissy/sis (which is obvious so I'm not gonna explain). And then there is miss know it all and Mel-Mel. I've only given you a few maybe three.


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