New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


10. lazy day

Niall's pov:

"It's still Friday guys what should we do?"Louis asks. "Oh let's play truth or dare!!!"Harry says. "Um idk I'm kind of scared now"Rachel tells him. "Oh don't be chicken" Harry says. fine lets play. Someone get a bottle from the kitchen. "I'll go find one you lazy bums" Mel says. "I'll come with you then" I tell her. "Ok sure let go".

In the kitchen:

"Hey uh Mel?" I say to her. "Ya" she asks. "Never mind" "okay?" Ugh Niall why didn't you say something?!? You just made the whole conversation awkward good job. I say to myself. I turn away from Mel so she doesn't see the blushing on my face.*Yes I'm blushing* "oh Niall" "yea?" But before I could turn around she smacked me in the head with a spoon. "Oh so you wanna play that game?" I whisper in her ear. She was in shock and was standing there like she was frozen so I took that opportunity to poke her in the side with a fork. "Hey, really you did that last time I was here" she said. "I know and I just did it again!" "Oh snap mister manly man Is finally gonna break out! Every one stand back and watch the kitten fly!" Mel says while hysterically laughing on the floor. "Hurtful" I say while laughing a little. "Ok come on we gotta go get a bottle still" I tell her. "Oh it's ok I pulled one out already from the recycling bin your welcome." Mel tells me. "Ok let's go then." I tell her.

We got back to the room and all eyes were on us

"Hey guys take a picture it might last longer." Mel says to them. "Whoa high five miss sassy-kins" I tell her. She rolled her eyes at me and smirked. "Ok let's play!" Mel says. "Ok who first?" Zayn asks. I wanna go first! Harry yells like he's two. "Ok go right ahead baby doll" Mel says to him. "Oh she's on a roll! good job!" Louis says shocked. Well I think your starting to rub of on me it's kind of fun too I see why it's your hobby. "Oh there was an insult in that compliment she is awesome!!!" Liam says.

Mel's pov:

Ok Harry spin the bottle Niall tells him.

Ok *spins the bottle*..... Louis!!!

Oh this is gonna suck! Louis says. Truth or dare?

I'm gonna be a rebel and go with dare!

Ok I dare you to go over to Mel and make out with her in the closet for 2 minutes!!!

What no... Ugh...let's go Louis. I sigh.


We get into the closet and we shut the door and sit down

Shh i gotta plan you start moaning and in hit the door and they will think we are kissing. I tell him

Ok sounds good start hitting the door. He tells me. Ok and start moaning.

*Thump thump*




Now trade off so they don't think we are lying! I'll moan u thump I tell Louis.

* moaning*

GET YOU TUNG OUT OF MY MOUTH LOUIS!!! I yell and Lou try's to keep his laughter in.

Niall: guys make them stop I mean you can tell Mel's not enjoying this!!!!

Niall:Ok guys your two minutes are up you can come out now


*More thumping*

Louis:I can't help it her mouth tastes so good!!! One more minute!!

Niall:No I'm coming in!

Mel:No don't come in we don't have clothes on anymore!!

Niall:Oh that's it Louis get the hell off of her!!

* opens the door*

Mel: Hey what's up?

Harry:Really?!? did you guys even kiss?

Mel:Nope I made up a plan and I'm guessing it worked woo high-five Louis!!!

Harry: Ok well Mel it's your turn to spin the bottle!

Oh yay! Mel says

Ok and... It's landed on... Zayn

Ok zayn truth or dare?


Ok if you were gay who in this room would you go out with?

Psh that's easy...ME DUH!!!!!

Wow I should have been more clear on what I meant I'm very ashamed of myself.

You should be!

* I roll my eyes and walk into the kitchen*

Ok Niall truth or dare? Dare! I dare you to let one of the girls sit on your lap for the rest of the night and that's the only place they can sit down till sunrise tomorrow. UGH OK!

i come back in the room and everyone is staring at me. Hey guys what did I miss? Niall got dared! Oh ok what's his dare? You have to go sit on his lap for the whole day and night till sunrise tomorrow morning! Rachel says. Oh ok sure come here Niall. I said sighing. Truth is I really like Niall but I don't think he likes me back so I'm trying to play it cool. I thought he was about to tell me he liked me in the kitchen but I guess I was wrong. I say on Niall's lap and accidentally started to straddle him. Oops! Ok Niall spin the bottle! Ok well I can't reach can you spin it for me Mel? Ya sure. "Ok thanks."he tells me. Ya no problem... It landed on Louis. Ok Louis truth or dare? TRUTH!

Ok who do you have a crush on in the school? We all know but I don't think Rachel knows. I thought in my head. Umm actually I choose dare! Ok I dare you to tell the truth. Wow thanks umm...umm Rachel he mumbles but what he didn't know that Rachel can understand anything you can't get away with whispering or saying something by mumbling because she hears it. like... me? Rachel asks. Dam-it I didn't think you heard me. Lou sighs. No no it's ok I uh like... You to but I have a boyfriend. Rachel says. I give her a confused look and she winks at me I give her a thumbs up. Oh ok well we can still be friends till your ready to have a boyfriend I don't wanna pressure you into anything Lou says. Wh..what are you talking about? Rachel asks him. Listen I know you aren't dating someone because you told me you weren't good with guys. And I'm fine with waiting. I'll wait till your ready just let me know but till then we will be besties! He said in a weird voice trying to act like a girl to say besties! Thanks for understanding Lou your the best! Rachel says and kissed his cheek.

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