New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


7. first day of school

Mel's pov: Me and Rachel got to school and we started walking to the principles office

Hi you must be Mel and Rachael Bailey she says

Ya hi it's very nice to meet you miss...? Rachel asks

Miss Rose

It's very nice to meet you miss Rose Rachel says

It's nice to meet you too girls. Here are your class schedules and locker combos and numbers.

And we have five boys that have offered to show you two around they should be here shortly to show you to class since they all have the same classes with both of you.

Ok great thanks. I tell her

Oh look here they are now this is Liam,Louis,Zayn,Harry,and Niall.

Hello girls! they all say at once

Hello boys! "I yell back to them"

Hey guys! "Rachel says"

Wait did you say Niall?

(Niall looks at me) Mel? I didn't know you girls were coming to this school.

I could say the same thing. What's up how are you I haven't seen you ever since I was over at your house on Friday.

I'm good. better now. ;) oh and I'm sorry I was going to come with you to the park Saturday but I forgot about the test we are having today in geography so I had to study but maybe we can go some other time?

It's fine I totally understand that I mean it's like they say work before... You know I really don't know what they say but it's fine we can go another time.

Great, I would love that!

Ok come on love birds class starts soon and we gotta be there early so we can find your seats. Liam says.

Oh ya ok let's go What's your locker number?

223 and Rachel's is 222.

''Oh my god really I'm right next to you I'm 224 Harry is 221 Liam is 226 Lou is 225 and Zayn is 220!'' he said we all stared laughing then Louis came over and said well you girls know what that means right? no what. I say back "it means no talking about how hot i am because guess what i will hear it. But don't be shy I've heard it all before feel free too say it." then Rachel yells wait i thought you were gay!?! i covered my mouth so i could stop the laughing and Niall and Harry ran away laughing while Zayn and Liam followed doing the same thing. wow thanks girls its your first day and you already lost a friend! he yells

I'm sorry Lou i didn't mean it that's just my way of defending my self I'm sorry I've never had any guy friends he only friend I've ever had was Mel and that's it again I'm so so sorry.

its ok love but you really didn't mean that though right Rachel?

never in a million years.......would i ever admit to saying your gay. Rachel said sympathetically

I ran i was laughing too much and i needed to find a bathroom really bad i was done.

Rachel's pov: Mel was listening to what i said and after i said it she died laughing and ran away "I'm guessing she had to go to the bathroom and just couldn't hold it any more." i said the last part out loud and Louis started laughing oh I'm sorry i was thinking aloud again i gotta work on that I've been in trouble for doing that and i got hurt because of it. i tell him he stops laughing and gives me a concerned look. what do you mean who hurt you was it a guy where you lived last? u-um y-ea i g-guess y-you could say th-that. my eyes start to water  ''Babe are you ok?'' ''um ya I'm gonna go find Mel.''

I was walking to the bathroom but i couldn't find it i was already in tears and me being lost helped nothing i tripped over a chair that was left in the hallway and fell to the ground that was the last thing i could remember...






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