New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


9. Drama

Mel's Pov:

we signed papers to release her out of the hospital when i hear someone calling "wait don't leave i need to talk to you!!!" i turned around and see the slutty nurse running over."Guys go ahead and head out i got this" i told them. they all nodded in agreement and walked out. "FOLLOW ME!"she says to me meanly. "what is it now cant you see im trying to leave?!?" i yell at her

"let me have your friends tell them to come over here and let me have them so i can date one." she says. i was taken back a bit by her statement. "what?'' i asked her. ''oh stop playing the dumb bitch card you bitch let me have them!'' ''NO they are people not toys you don't go around asking if you can have people!" if anyone is the bitch here i would say its you" i yelled at her "oh now you've done it slut!" "I've done shit now back off my friends and I got it?!?" "hell NO!" and slapped me as hard as she could and i could feel my mouth bleeding, it was for sure going to leave a big bruise. i simply looked up at her and she had a smirk on her face. "wipe that smirk off your face!!!" i yell at her. "TRY AND STOP ME!!!"she yelled. i flipped her off she has problems i can tell. "OH YA?!?" she said and before i could say anything she punched me in the stomach and i fell to the ground "you know what i don't have time for this im leaving" i say in disgust. "wait so is it a yes on letting me have the boys?" "HELL NO BITCH" i yelled back and walked out.


i walked out and i couldn't find the car and i could barley walk. suddenly i hear a door open and then another one doing the same shortly after. someone ran over to me and grabbed my shoulder to turn me around before i could see who it was i was slapped on the other side of my face and was kneed in the stomach. A few seconds later i see the boys running over to me. ''MEL!!!!'' Niall calls out. i look over at him and he looked even more hurt then he seemed "Mel" he whispers trying not to cry while he looks at the places she hit me i was badly marked. "Niall im fine really i just need to go somewhere  cant let my mom see me right now she might make us move again. i cant let that happen plus im kind of used to getting beat its not the first time someones hurt me." i sighed.  you can stay with me and Liam my mum has to go out for a busniss trip so we arnt going to have parent. ''Great thanks but Rachel is going to have to come too or else my mum won't believe me''I tell the boys. "Ok she can come too but don't think that that nurse is going to get away with this!" Niall tells me. "Well if all four of you are going to Niall's house why don't we all just come over?"zayn asks. "Wow I think that's the first thing you have said all day zayn." Louis says shocked. "Yea sorry mate I haven't been feeling to great lately it's been a week since me and Catherine broke up and I'm still a little hurt because of how she did it that's all."zayn says you could tell he was hurt the way his voice sounded. "It's ok do we need to get you some ice cream and have a movie marathon"Louis asks. NO and that was hurtful I'm not a girl I don't cry over stupid things! Zayn yells back. "Wow guys like seriously we are right here and that kind of hurt we don't cry over stupid things."I tell them while Rachel nods her head in agreement. "Whatever girls"Harry say.


We got to Niall's house and I texted my mum that we met friends at school for once and they wanted us to stay and sleepover for the weekend and being the mother that acts like a teenager obviously let's me stay not even asking the gender of who we are staying with:*our text messages*

Me: hey mum can we stay at some friends house for the weekend

Mum:well sure just make sure you have clean cloth and text me while ur there if u get in some kind of trouble Hun.

Me: thanks mum love uz we will be there in a sec to get clothes

Mum:ok c u soon

Me: L8r

*End of text messages*

"Come on Rachel let's go get our stuff" I call to her

"Ok be there in a second sissy" she yells back

Five minutes later she still isn't here "oh shit I forgot I gotta go get her she has a broken leg god I'm so stupid sometimes good job Melissa"I say to my self."It's about time you realized you had to come and get me Mel" she tells me. "I know I know lecture me later I'm sorry let's go Niall is gonna walk us over there" I tell her. "what are you gonna do about your face though?"Rachael asks me. "I have ice packs under my shirt and Niall is gonna try his best to hide my face but he gave me one of those jackets that you can wear with the collar up so she won't be able to see it." I tell Rachel. "Oh ok good plan" Rachel says. "I know it is I came up with it" Niall says making us both jump. "Ready To go ladies?" Niall asks us. "Yea lets go" me and Rachel say at the same time. "Ok weirdos" Niall says we both giggle. We got to our house and started packing we got everything then Niall told us to pack a dress because we are going to a party on Saturday so I packed a black fluffy dress with black heels and Rachel packed the same style dress but hers was red and packed white flats to go with it. We finished and got out and didn't get caught.



Hey guys hope you likes the chapter!!!:) next chapter is called lazy day and I'm still working on it but should be out this week. Oh and I change the cover and I have to say it looks pretty cool but hey I did make it so I should think that. Anyways I'm thinking about adding some new characters so if you would like tell me your name and a few things about you and I'll tell you who the people are and who they are playing but they won't come out for like 2 more chapters. Oh and in the story It went from Mon. to wed. day to Fri. And wed. is when Rachel broke her leg btw ok well thanks for reading bye loves!!!!!

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