New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


12. do they care?

It's been two years since I left them. They've become the most popular band on the universe. I'm working with music still, I've concord my stage fright and went to try out on the X-Factor. I passed through every time and soon later I won the whole thing. I know shocker who knew I was that good?! Well anyways I got singed to a record label and now I'm working with simon Cowell. I know the FAMOUS SIMON COWELL WHO MAKES EVERYONE A BIG DEALIO. Anyways I have a boyfriend his name is James Maslow. I'm great friend with BTR and James recently asked me out. Coarse I said yes who wouldn't?!? I mean sure I've always loved Niall but that was the past and if he loved me like I thought he would he would have tried to find me but...that never happened. I don't know how long I've always wanted a fairy tale love story. Like Cinderella where she lost her glass slipper and he went around the whole kingdom finding her. Oh and a few more details you might wanna know. Have you ever seen pitch perfect? Yea well remember Aubrey well yea guess what that was me. As of right now we are working on pitch perfect 2. One of my best friends is in that movie we met during rehearsal and we just clicked... Remember fat Amy? Sorry I mean fat Patricia? Yea that would be her. (I changed her first name so it's not Anna camp anymore:))

Anyways I have to go meet up with simon he's taking me out for lunch to talk about the tour I'm going to be going with. I haven't been on tour EVER! I'm so excited but at the same time nervous in supposed to be meeting the band today during lunch. Wish me luck...all I know is that it's a boy band but I have no clue I have never met any of the other singers in my studios. So... I don't know.

I get a text from Simon saying " hey Mel um we aren't going to be able to go for lunch sorry...but I'll call the pizza place if your still interested in eating lunch together to meet the guys?

I text back saying "ok yea sure that will be fine ps:I love me some pizza! :)

From simon: oh don't worry I know! Ok well the guys will be late so we can eat before but I've gotta plan... One of the boys is like obsessed with food so we should leave the box out and let him see it but little will he know it will already be gone! '•-•'(look I made a devil face thingy...well kind of)

I text back: haha this is why your awesome I have no clue how anyone could have hated you your great!!!

*end if convo*

I get in my bat-mobile. And drive to the studio. Yea I said bat-mobile it's black and has the bat man symbol painted on the sides and it has the doors that go up and the license plate says na-na-na-na-na if ya didn't know that's pretty much the theme song. I also have a Spider-Man,hulk,iron man, and captain America cars if you haven't noticed I love superheroes!!!!! I've watched everything even that one Phineas and ferb because they were in it! So I pulled into my parking space that was pacifically reserved for super woman. Yea simon made them change it because it fit me perfectly and he loves me out of everyone for some odd reason but hey I get along with everyone. Except for that so called band one direction they aren't everybody. I like everyone but them. They let me leave and it doesn't seem like they even care that I left and out of everything that's happened in my life like getting bullied at every school they hurt me the most. I mean my "sister" and mum didn't even care about my absence. I changed my name and look so they wouldn't remember me but that was not that long ago and all I changed was my last name and my hair and my hair dresser and stylist makes me look like a completely different person. They make me look brave strong and let's not forget BEAUTIFUL! I was never pretty growing up I've only had two boyfriends growing up and I'm on my second one now! I'm a wreak I mean if I didn't look like I did now James wouldn't even like me which kind of hurts I mean ugh my life sucks! James doesn't even love me and I don't love him either! It was forced by BTR's manger lets just say I hate them. But I guess I'm good friends with big time rush it's just there management I don't like. They are all really sweet boys but Logan and Carlos are the only ones who will good of with me 24/7 they are like my brothers I love them so much I don't know how I ever lived without them in my life!


I finally walked into Simons office it's a long walk since his office is all the way across the building! I walk in and see simon staring at the box of pizza. " ok I'm here now go ahead and eat!" Oh thank the lords you are finally here I'm starved!" "Yes me to now come on and pass me my pizza I love my pizza like it's my child! Ok well maybe not that much but I still really like pizza." "Ok then here!" He held out a plate with five pieces of pizza "I only ordered a small so you get five I get five since there was only ten slices." "Holy shit! I love you so much right now!" "Ok now hurry the boys will be here in thirty minutes" "KK Uncle Si!""your such a weirdo!" "Aww thanks but seriously weirdos are who make everyone's life amazing they just make things interesting!" "True ok now eat your food!" "Oh it's ok I already did and btw best pizza every thanks simon!" "Whoa how did you do that?!?" "I'm a ninja who can multi task!" "Haha ok"

I've been done for ten minutes now and he's on his last piece " oh come on gramps I wanna play a game not watch you eat!" "Ok ok I'm almost done calm down!"

*five more minutes later*

"Oh thank the heavens you finished your food now let go I wanna play some air hockey!" Ok let's go want me to play some music for you to while we are doing that?" Simon asks sarcastically "actually music would be lovely!" "Really I was kidding...*puppy dog eyes*...UH FINE I'll play your new CD then." "Yay"

Twenty minutes of dancing and singing to Megan Nicole pass and there is a knock at the door.

I ran into the recording area and didn't notice the door. So I'm still singing when I turn around and see the one and only...ONE DIRECTION STARING AT ME! My eyes immediately grow wide and Niall is just smiling and staring at me. I roll my eyes and walk out. Thinking in my head don't cry be happy don't lead them on your someone else now don't even look them in the eyes. Your ok Mel stay calm don't hurt them. Maybe they did care about you? Oh who am I kidding no they didn't! "Hello boys" "hi" they all say sweetly. Um...h-hey S-simon I-I'll be right back!" And with that I run away crying my heart out. "Why me?!?" My security guard Nathan walked past me and sees me so he picks me up and carries me back into the room. If only he knew. I tell this guy everything...except about them. We walk into the room and I quickly run into the bathroom simon has in there and fix my make up and everything so they won't know I was crying. I walk out look just as I did before. "Hey sorry guys Nathan is embarrassing." "It's fine really we have the same problem but with a guy named Paul but we kind of deserve getting pulled around...we mess with him a lot."Louis says. "Haha ok well what can you do right?" "Exactly"Louis yells. We used to be great friends we would tell each other jokes and prank everyone together. He was awesome. " hey simon we saw a car out side that looked like bat-mans!" Liam yells. Haha I knew he would love it I had it made for me because me and Liam were bat-man fangirls together. I started laughing from really quietly that gradually got louder. They all look at me. "Thats my bat-mobile Liam it's awesome the doors go up instead of sliding over and it's awesome it even talks. Well kind of talks it calls me princess superhero." I told it to call me that since Liam called me hero. Niall called me princess. And Harry called me super star. So it's kind of a mixture. And Louis always called my his carrot queen. And Zayn called me batgirl all the time so it's pretty much a mixture if all the things they called me." That's so cool!" They all shout. Except Liam "Liam I'll take you for a ride if you want I mean your my bat-man and I'm your hero" "wait what did you just say?" Shit I just said what I always told him before. "Oh umm sorry nothing!" "Oh ok." Liam says sighing. "So Mel do you wanna sing for them so they know what you sound like?" Simon asks smiling. "Mel? As in...?" Niall asks. Oh um as in Melissa Cade. Why?" Oh um well we thought you might be the person we lost two years ago. We treated he badly and she left us her family everyone. And we haven't seen her since but she had blonde hair like yours she just don't have blue dip dye. Or curly hair."Niall says. "And she also had these little nicknames for us and you called me one of them that she used to call me."Liam adds. "And she also had stage fright."Harry says. "Ok well I'm really sorry about that. Would you like me to sing you one of my songs... Simons giving you his death glares I think it's best if I did."

"Coarse!" Niall says "ok let me get my guitar really quick" I say back to him...

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