New girl in school

Melissa and Rachel have never had luck with making friends but what will happen when they moves to London and starts to become popular to five boys? might just have to read.


11. back stab

Harry's pov:

I'm so upset right now I mean I really like Melissa and I normally get all the girls how did Niall end up getting this one?!? "UGH" oops. "Harry are you okay you seem upset?" Liam asks. Oh yea I'm just peachy Liam thanks for asking. "Oh um yea." Okie dokie. Liam replies. "Um..look I erm...gotta go see you later Li." "Ok bye styles".

I walked down the stairs and walked into one of the music rooms. We have four as of right now, we wanted five but Niall and Liam said they could share a room till further notice. Anyways. I was about to walk into my music room when I saw Mel sitting in Louis "room".

Mel's pov:

Niall went with Zayn to go get more food because when I went into the kitchen there was NOTHING left in the fridge of course knowing it was Niall I ran over to him and gave him a lecture about how I need food too and that I don't think I could survive another ten minutes without food so they both are getting more. So I settled with a glass of water and walked around the house searching for any sign of music. Music and food are like the two major things I can't live without having. After two minutes of searching I stumbled into a room that said Louis on the door. I slowly opened the door and found a guitar in a room close by that said Niall and Liam. It was probably Niall's but he won't mind if I play around with it for a little bit. Right? Whatever I'm willing to take that risk guitar is to awesome to pass up. I sat down on the bench and played "really don't care" by Demi Lovato. I soon started singing not caring if I was bad or not. It's not like anyone can hear me they aren't even around.

I finish singing and decide I would sing another. "Hmm what should I sing now? Ooh I know!" I decided on "hit the lights" by Selena Gomes. "It's the boy you never told I like you, it's the boy you let get away. It's the girl you saw that day on the train but you freaked out and walked away..." I got up figuring they guys were back with the food. I got up slowly... *running* umm that weird. Was someone watching me?!? Crap I was probably singing really bad and now one of the guys just heard me! Ugh u swear I'm gonna cry! I didn't even bother putting the guitar I just ran out only to find all the boys and Rachel sitting at the table talking although Harry looked a little down and scared. "Hey Mel we brought you..." Before he could finish I was in tears running out of the house. At that moment I was just hopping I would get lost there is no doubt in my mind Harry was the one watching me and UGH! I need to leave. I know I shouldn't be running away because he saw me singing but... I have major stage fright I try to conquer it but I never am able to fully do so. I found a park after about an hour of wandering. They probably don't even care I ran away. The probably thought I would be coming back before night. Well guess what they would have thought wrong. After that little stunt I don't even wanna walk into that house right now. I'll see them later. "Just great it's raining!" I sighed and took a seat on the swings. "I can't believe I forgot to pick up my jacket! It's freaking freezing!" I say to myself angrily. I say there a little longer when I heard foot steps coming in my direction. I didn't even wanna look at them. I'm sure it's them but as of right now I could care less. I got up and walked away. When I heard the footsteps getting louder making it sound like running I looked back and saw Harry looking at me the car was parked across the street and the guys were standing outside of it. "Of course you just had to come here right now! I can't believe you! Why were you watching me?!? UGH you know what I don't even want to talk to you right now! Ever heard of privacy?!? Of course you haven't or else you would of left and I would be at home warm not freezing COLD!... You know what just go home leave me here I just wanna be alone. It's already bad enough you heard my TERRIBLE singing!" The last part I said Harry smirked at. "What's SO funny Styles?!?"

"Your cute when your mad. And by the way you are one of the best singers I've ever heard. Look I was walking past because I was upset because the girl I like is being liked by one if my best mates and now I can't date her because I'm almost certain she likes him too." Harry said sighing.

"W-wait do y-you l-like r-Rachel?!?" I said shivering from coldness.

What?!? NO,I like...y-you saying just above a whisper. I was in shock no one has ever liked me. I almost didn't believe him but then he did the unexpected he bent down and hugged me followed by kissing my cheek. "Harry I'm sorry but I haven't known you for all that long and I'm not ready to "love" anyone yet." "It's ok I completely understand plus even if you were ready I wouldn't be able to anyways. I just wanted you to know how I felt about you. Plus I think my mate has a liking to you." He said winking at me. "Thanks Harry" I said and hugged him. "I'll come home but only because I'm...hungry." "Mhm ok let's get going then. The guys were quite worried about you. It scared them because we have never seen you cry before. Again I'm sorry but I have a question for you. I wrote a song and I was wondering if you would secretly want to help me with it?" " I would love to Harry"


When we got to the car they all looked at me with disappointment. Even Niall. "WOW GUYS THANKS! You don't even know why I ran away there for you don't have the right to be mad at ME!" Luckily I had my iPod with me so I quickly put my head phones in and listened to music. Yes they tried talking to me but I completely ignored them. I was so caught up in the dong I started quietly singing. I didn't notice till they all looked at me with wide eyes. "Take a picture it might last longer guys! Staring isn't polite!" I snapped rolling my eyes at them. As soon as we got home I don't know what happened but I can now sing in front of people without being scared anymore! But I have also stopped talking to the guys. They won't talk to me so I don't talk to them. They all think I'm a bitch and now I cry myself to sleep almost every night. Harry is the only one that talks to me and cares about me. Rachel has even stopped talking to me! I got out of the shower and saw a note taped to the bathroom door it read:

Dear Mel,

The guys decided we should go see a movie... They are all still pretty mad at you because of the incident... I'm sorry but I didn't want to miss out plus they forced me to come I'm really sorry love. HarryXxx

Wow ok I see how it is they think it's ok to ruin my life well you know what Im done being here for them when clearly they don't need me. I'm not stupid I'm running away. They will only see me at school but no where else. I can promise you.

I decided to write a little note back myself:

Guys honestly I thought you would care about me, I thought I was actually going to make friends when I came here. I don't know what I was thinking I'm dumb. I'm so dumb I though I could trust you guys. Something I'll never make the mistake of doing ever again. I've decided it was best if I just left you all it's not like you will miss me anyways. I'll still come to school and all but being your guys friend is over and forever will be. What happened that night you all stopped talking to me was tough. I ran away because I have major stage fright and Harry was snooping. He heard me sing and I was certain I sounded terrible and I still think I sound awful! But whatever:/ oh and tell Rachel I said bye and tell mum I'm living on my own for further notice. Sorry we didn't last long. Oh and one last thing... Niall I have always loved you ever since I met you on day one... Just know that I always will and will never stop. Oh and P.S. Leaving me for the movies is such a ass thing to do I mean that's seriously a new low for you guys. Ok well bye guys. Sincerely Melissa (only my friends can call me Mel so really no one can)

And that was it I ran upstairs and put all my stuff away into a bag and ran off. I called a taxi and was soon picked up by a little children's park. A little ways from the house. We were driving when we stopped right next to Harry's car at a stop light. Of course Harry wasn't driving so he was sat in the back along with Niall and Liam. I looked over and that's when I noticed. Apparently they noticed too. They quickly realized I was running away and tried to get Louis to turn the car so they were following me. But it was too late we already started moving. The last thing I saw was Niall and Harry crying and Liam looking very upset.

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