Forever and Always ~Comlpete~

A girl named Abbigale Rivera moves to London, and meets a certain blue eyed blonde headed boy that will change her life forever. Will their relationship survive? Will her abusive ex boyfriend be in Niall's way? Read and find out!


4. Who are you?

(Abbi's POV)

I opened my eyes and all I saw was a very white room. A doctor walked in with 3 people. A girl with pink dip dyed hair, a guy with black hair and brown eyes, and a very cute blondie with ocean blue eyes.

The blondie practically ran over to my bed. "Abbi!!! Are you okay princess???!!!" He said very concerned. " my head hurts reall bad." I answered. " but, who are you?" I asked. He broke down in tears and so did the girl. She seemed to be with the other guy. "It's Niall!" The blondie said."Who are they?" I asked."That's Zayn and Perrie." He answered. "Why don't I remember you Niall?"I asked. I'm sooo confused right now. "You ran away after I kissed you playing truth or dare. You ran into the forest near our flat and tripped and fell unconscious. I found you covered in blood." He said. "Oh my god... What was I thinking? I tend to run from people." I said. When I become distressed or scared I usually run away from the situation.

"Well we need to do something to jog your memory..." Zayn said. "How about we bring in the boys and switch them out and tell them when they first met her. Maybe that will help."Perrie said."Okay, I'm gonna get the other boys."Niall said. "Wait! Please stay! I trust you." I said. I found his presence comforting. "Okay Zayn can you get them and switch out with Liam and Harry?"Niall said. "Wait!"I said. "I think I remember."

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