Forever and Always ~Comlpete~

A girl named Abbigale Rivera moves to London, and meets a certain blue eyed blonde headed boy that will change her life forever. Will their relationship survive? Will her abusive ex boyfriend be in Niall's way? Read and find out!


15. Recovering

(Abbi's POV)

I sat next to Abbi's bed and cried. I held her hand hoping she'd wake up. I got on the bed next to her and laid down. I let more tears roll down my face. If only I had protected her... I let Aaron win. He will never touch her again and if he does...he's a dead man.

I suddenly felt her hand twitch. I looked at her face. Her beautiful green eyes fluttered open and gazed at me. "Abbi? Are you okay? Does anything hurt?" I asked. "M-my leg is on fire!!!!"she exclaimed. "Shh...I'll go get the doctor." I said. I ran into the hallway. "Doctor she said her leg is on fire."I said. I dunno if it's broken or if something else happened.

"Niall! Hurry!" She said. I ran back into the room and the doctor followed. He examined her leg and got out X-rays from the first surgery when we came. "Ms.Rivera, your leg is broken but it will only take about 3 weeks to heal... It wasn't a big break but it is a painful split that occurred when it broke.

Her face saddened. "I'll take care of you princess... Don't worry." I comforted. "You are okay to leave with her Mr.Horan."the doctor said as he removed wires and tubes from Abbi. "But before you leave we have to put a cast on and give you crutches."the doctor said.

I had to leave the room. I stood outside of the door. I could hear them start to put the cast on. "Ahhhh!!!!!!" I heard Abbi scream. It hurt me so much to hear her in pain.... I wanted to run in but they'd just push me back out.

Once they were done they allowed me back into the room. She has a purple cast on. She is dressed in a blue dress and a white sweater and 1 white converse. She ponytailed her hair, grabbed her crutches and we left the hospital.

We got to the car and I helped her in. I got buckled up and started to drive back to the flat. "What did they do to you babe?" I asked. I needed to know. "First they chloroformed me, then Aaron punched,kicked,slapped,and chocked for 5 hours without stopping...he called me a bitch and he threw me in a concrete cell."she explained

I'm so beyond pissed right now! We got to the flat and I helped Abbi out of the car. We walked in to see the boys. "Abbi! Are you okay? We heard you were in a coma! I was worried sick! What did they do to you?"Harry asked. "Jesus Christ Harry! She just got back home! Let the girl breathe!"Liam exclaimed. "Thank you." Abbi said hoarsely.

"I just want to be done recovering."

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