Forever and Always ~Comlpete~

A girl named Abbigale Rivera moves to London, and meets a certain blue eyed blonde headed boy that will change her life forever. Will their relationship survive? Will her abusive ex boyfriend be in Niall's way? Read and find out!


8. My answer is...

(Abbi's POV)

"That was beautiful guys." I said. I was drawn to tears. I didn't cry, it was just tears rolling down my face. "I can't believe you wrote that song for me." I said. "You deserve it Abbi! You are so beautiful and funny! You are a girl version of me with green eyes! I love you so much! Don't you see? I knew you were the girl for me when I met you at Starbucks. So... Will you,Abbigale Rose Rivera, be girlfriend?"Niall said as he got down on one knee and held my hand as if proposing.

My answer is...

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