Forever and Always ~Comlpete~

A girl named Abbigale Rivera moves to London, and meets a certain blue eyed blonde headed boy that will change her life forever. Will their relationship survive? Will her abusive ex boyfriend be in Niall's way? Read and find out!


11. H-help me... please!

(Abbi's POV)

I opened my eyes. I woke up in a dark,almost pitch black concrete cell. It looked like a jail. I was lying on a old army cot. I heard footsteps. I got scared. I acted like I was still asleep. I cracked my eye so I could see who it was and not be noticed.

"The bitch is still asleep!?"I heard a far too familiar voice say. That voice gives me night terrors and I can't wake up from it. I was so still once I heard his voice."I'm gonna make her wish that she was dead when she wakes up!"he said. That voice belonged to the devil. Aaron Thompson.

What are they gonna do to me? Beat me up? Rape me? I have so many questions that I need answered but I feel like I don't want to know the answer. I thought he was gone and got up. Big mistake. Aaron saw me and walked to my cell.

"Well well well.... We meet again bitch."he spat. He grabbed my throat and chocked me. He lifted me in the air with one arm and pushed me against the wall. My lungs are on fire. I can't breathe. "I'm gonna have a lot of fun."he smirked. He threw me on the ground. He kicked me in the ribs several times.

He punched me in the face. "STOP PLEASE!"I sobbed. He slapped me full force across the face. "DONT SPEAK TO ME AT ALL!!!" He yelled he kept kicking and punching and chocking nonstop for 5 hours. Once he was don, he spat on the floor next to me.He walked away with three other men.

Once they left, I heard people whispering to each other and shushing. "Louis shutup! You're gonna get us caught and killed!"I knew that voice. Liam! The boys are here to rescue me! I can't move! I can't get to the cell door to wave them over to me! My voice hurts so bad right now but I have to bare through the pain.

I have to let them know where I am."H-help me...please!"I barely said. "Princess!"I heard Niall yell/whisper. They crawled over to my cell. Zayn got out a paper clip and picked the lock. Niall practically ran over to me.

"Let's get you out of here."Niall said. He picked me up bridal style. It hurt so bad when he moved. I didn't say anything because I don't wanna get caught. Harry got out his phone. "Paul we have Abbi and were moving out do you have everything ready?.....great cya in 2 minutes." Harry whispered into the phone.

Niall got us to the front door of it looks like a house. We got outside to see police cars lined up with rifles pointed at the front door waiting for Aaron and his gang. He got into a police car and waited for the diversion. Liam went up to the door and knocked on it and ran back to the police line.

Aaron walked out with a gun in his hand. "What the f**k!?!" He yelled. "Aaron Thompson! You and you're gang are surrounded! There is no escape!"a policeman yelled. Aaron dropped his gun and put his hands in the air in surrender. He was handcuffed and sent to jail.

"Thank you boys. You saved my life... That is a debt that I can't ever repay you." I said through my pain."It's alright love! We're just glad to have you back safe and sound!"Louis said."I love you guys!"I said. "And I love you."Niall said.

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