Forever and Always ~Comlpete~

A girl named Abbigale Rivera moves to London, and meets a certain blue eyed blonde headed boy that will change her life forever. Will their relationship survive? Will her abusive ex boyfriend be in Niall's way? Read and find out!


20. Getting the cast off

(Abbi's POV)

Today I get my cast off. Niall and I are back together and we have a restraining order for Demi for the other of us, the boys, and Perrie. "Hey Ni! Get up! It's already 2:00 and we have to go to the hospital!"I shouted to wake him up. He obeyed and got up and took a shower.

My hair is already clean so I got into a pink floral dress and a white sweater. I got on white flats. Niall got done getting ready in the bathroom so I went in. I flat ironed my medium length hair and I twisted my hair back. I put a bit of mascara on my green eyes. I put baby pink lipgloss on and a little blush.

I put on my 2nd favorite perfume: twilight woods. I got out of my bathroom and saw Niall. He was in his crazy mofos shirt, jeans, white supras(of course) and his hair the way I like it. He grabbed a black jacket and his phone. I grabbed my white wristlets and put my phone,keys,and my debit card in it.

We got into Niall's range rover and drove to the hospital. We got out and I crutched to the entrance. My cuts starting hurting bit I kept going through the pain. We got to the waiting room and sat down. "Ms.Rivera?" The doctor called out. Niall and I stood up. We went into the room and they started taking the cast off. "All done!" Said the nurse. All that was left was a little bruise.

"You're free to go."the nurse said. We walked out of the hospital to a ginormous group of fans. The police led us through the crowd. A fan grabbed my sweater and scratched my face. I tore her off and punched her. She fell back into the crowd. "Damn...the freakin fans are little bitches."Niall said. We got to the car and drove to my apartment.

We got inside and locked the door. "Princess?"Niall asked. "Yes?"I replied. "Will you move in with me?"he asked. "Of course."I replied. I kissed him. My phone rang. "Hey Abbi! It's Phoebe."Phoebe said. "Hey girl! What's going on?"I asked. "I'm stuck in traffic! This freakin sucks!"she said. "I bet!"I replied. "I got my cast off!"I said. "That's great! But guess what!"she said. "What???"I asked. "I was jacking around with my friends and I broke my leg so I have a cast on!"she said. We both cracked up laughing. "That's what always happens! When I get something off you get something on!

"Like that day you got your braces off, I got mine on!"Phoebe exclaimed. We both laughed. "Oh my god, I remember laughing at you that day!"I said. "Haha me too!"She replied. "We have to meet up! Tomorrow at the Starbucks here in London?"I said. "Perfect! What time?" She asked. "12:45 maybe?"I said. "Sure! That'd be great!"she exclaimed. "See ya tomorrow bestie!"I said. "Bye gurl!"she said. I ended the call. It's already 8:00! It must've taken forever to get my cast off, get through the crowd and come back here!

"I'm going to bed Ni. I'm tired."I said. "Night babe!"he said and kissed me sweetly on the lips. I ran upstairs and changed into my pjs,brushed my teeth and hair and went to bed.

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