Forever and Always ~Comlpete~

A girl named Abbigale Rivera moves to London, and meets a certain blue eyed blonde headed boy that will change her life forever. Will their relationship survive? Will her abusive ex boyfriend be in Niall's way? Read and find out!


16. Getting ready

(Perrie's POV)

Tonight is the Award Show! I want to bring Abbi with if she's up to it. I want her and me to be great friends. I decided to drive over to Niall's flat.


(Abbi's POV)

I'm getting used to crutches but they suck! I feel bad because Niall gets up to get me everything when we are cuddling on the couch. I try to go get it but he ends up saying Babe sit down I'll go get it.

The doorbell rang. I got up to get it but Niall ended up beating me to it. It was Perrie. "Abbi!!!"she exclaimed. "Perrie!!!"I said back. We are like besties! "Niall has something to ask you!"

Perrie said. "Abbi, will you go to the Award Show with me tonight?"he asked. It was so cute!!!! "Of course Ni!" I said and kissed him quickly. "I don't have any dresses fancy enough..." I said. "That's why I'm here love!" Perrie said. "Shopping!"she said. I was already dressed with my hair in a ponytail.

"Let's go! See ya tonight babe!" I said to Niall. "Love you! Be safe! Do you want Paul to come with?"Niall asked. "I'll protect her Niall! Do you remember what I did to that one fan talking about Zayn in a very perverted way infront of me? And called me very unpolite names?"she said. "I don't think we need to relive that! See you tonight babe!"Niall said and kissed me once more.

I grabbed my purse and my iPhone. I got into Perrie's car and we left. "Why'd you bring your purse? Your dress is on me!"Perrie insisted. "I'll pay for it." I said. "No no no, I'm gonna pay for your dress,shoes,and I'll do your hair!"she said excitedly.

"Perrie, I don't want to take advantage of you."I said. "You aren't! I'm insisting! It's gonna be you and Niall's big night! You're going to a Award Show! I want to make this night a great memory in your and Niall's relationship!" She said. "Fine...but I'm gonna take you out to dinner for a girls night out and I'm paying."I said. "Okay, deal!"she said.

We got to the mall. I was about to get out of the car when Perrie stopped me. "Wait! Put these on!" She said. She handed me dark sunglasses and a hoodie. I put them on and we got out. We shopped around for a bit."It sucks shopping with having to use crutches!"I said to Perrie. "It looks like it!"she said. We both laughed.

We found a fancy dress shop and Perrie led me in. "This is my secret weapon to finding dresses for red carpet events!"She said. "I know the perfect dress for you! I've been in here a million times and I know every dress!"She said. I followed her to some cute knee length dresses.

She pointed to a cute green one with sparkles on it. It was ruffled near the end. I have to admit, Perrie is amazing at finding dresses! "Go try it on!" She said. I crutched (don't know what to call it) over to the dressing rooms.

I got into a dressing room and put the dress on. I crutched out to Perrie. "You look beautiful! I already have a plan for your hair and makeup!"she exclaimed. I smiled and got dressed into my normal clothes. We bought the dress and walked out of the store.

We looked around the mall for a shoe store and Perrie found a good one with cute heels. "I can't wear heels with crutches Perrie."I said. "I have n idea!"she exclaimed. She found a pair of sparkly green colored pair of converse that perfectly matched my dress.

"You're gonna look so cute!" Perrie exclaimed. We bought the shoes and got back in the car. We got back to the flat and Niall wasn't there. I saw a note on the counter. It read:


I'm sorry I'm not there to see you get ready for tonight but I'm getting ready with the boys. The boys and I are taking a limo and you and Perrie are having a limo to yourselves. It'll be a surprise when we see each other all fancied up! I love you babe! -Ni xx

I put the note back down. "Let's get started!"Perrie said. **2 hours later** I have my hair curled to perfection, mascara,green eyeshadow and eyeliner,blush,baby pink lipstick,green sparkly nails,and my outfit on. "Perrie you are and excellent stylist!"I said.

While Perrie was getting ready I started to play my piano. I played And sang "Stay" by Rihanna and I played and sang "Say something" by a great big world.

Perrie got done getting ready when we heard a limo honk outside of my apartment building. "Finally! We are officially done getting ready!"

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