Central Beginnings || One Direction Fan Fiction

A new Girl Band won a contest to open for one direction! Soon, the boys fall in love with the girls, and the girls feel the same way. Tears, Drama, Happiness, and Love.


2. Meeting The Boys..Sort of

We all woke up at nine, the bus was coming here at eleven. I curled my wild red hair, put on my daily makeup, slipped a beanie on, and changed into a crop top and shorts. "If one of those boys don't fall for you when you walk on that bus, they must be crazy!" Destiny said. I blushed. "Oh, gosh. I don't think that's possible, it's one direction, Destiny!" The girls all laughed.

"The bus is here!" Reagan yelled. We all grabbed our suitcases and walked calmly out the door and onto the bus. "Here we go..." I whispered to Maia. "Hello, girls!" I heard Paul say. "These are the boys you'll be opening for!" He pointed to 5 guys sitting on the couch. I immediately made eye contact with Louis, who winked at me. I blushed and looked down. 

"So, I'm Niall!" "I'm Harry!" "I'm Liam!" "I'm Zayn!" "Hello, I'm Louis!"

They all said one after another. I guess I would go first, I'm quite shy around new people. "uh..I-I'm Brystol. Brystol Raihn, lead vocalist." I said quietly, but loud enough for them to hear. "I'm Maia Rivers, Keyboard." Maia said, trying to sound confident. "Hello, I'm Tess Mitchell, Drummer." "Uhm, I'm Destiny Lee, Lead Vocalist as well." "Reagan Reynolds." Short, but sweet. 

We were told we were staying in a hotel in London for about a week, getting ready for a show. The tour was a year and a half. Two Boys and Two Girls in one room, Three Girls and Three Boys in another. "I trust you boys not to do anything I wouldn't do." Paul joked and left us to our own. I was in a room with Louis and Liam, and Reagan. The rest were in the other room. 

We entered our hotel room and saw a white and gold room, huge and beautiful. I stared in awe, wondering how my life got so amazing so quick. 

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