Central Beginnings || One Direction Fan Fiction

A new Girl Band won a contest to open for one direction! Soon, the boys fall in love with the girls, and the girls feel the same way. Tears, Drama, Happiness, and Love.


6. Meet Brendan .


I groaned and pulled the blankets over my face as Louis poked over and over again.

"Come on! First meeting with management today" As soon as he said that, I shot up. We all started getting ready, actually, Reagan and I started getting ready. The boys woke up before us.

We finished getting ready and Liam took the rental car to the studio. All the other boys and girls with there, so we didn't have to wait on them. I looked at Reagan nervously and she smiled slightly.

We walked into the meeting room. I could feel the tension in the air as I saw the dark faces of management. I looked around awkwardly trying to make eye-contact with the girls, but no luck. 

And that's when Eleanor walked in, followed by a guy I've never seen before. "Brystol, meet Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend." A man said, he had a tag that said, Ryan, so I assume that's his name. "And Here's Brendan, your new boyfriend."


"We've been watching you and Louis, and noticed some flirtation. We can't have that, you see. It wouldn't work out with the fans, and we want what's best for you both." Ryan said. I slowly nodded, not fully understanding what was going on.

"You both are too never be caught flirting in front of paparazzi. We need Louis to become the most popular in the band and that won't happen with you in the picture." 

Ouch. That stung. I couldn't believe it, all the others could date, except Louis and I. I tensed as I saw Eleanor smiling and giggling with Louis. "I think it's best if I leave." 

Brendan wasn't that bad, to be honest, but he was no Louis. I walked out of the building and straight to the hotel, it wasn't that far away anyways. When I got my bed, I laid down and a tear streaked down my face. What was I going to do?

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