What things were used to be


1. The Begining Of My Story

I am Julie. I have a twin brother named Jay. We are the best friends. But we don`t let anybody to find that out because that would be weird. It's our little secret. We tell each other everything. We are really close and we have a really nice and strong relationship. Our lifes were everything that we wanted to be. At least for now. Because, you know, we are only fourteen years old. We wouldn't expect anything more from it. He has always been the "Sporty" an I had always been the "Star". He is our school's footbal team's captian. And I was the school's radio host. I work on radio speech in AND out the school. Our lifes were really perfect. Our parents are the best persons that I know and I have a really big and amusing family. I have a boyfriend, my brother's best friend, as well as he has his girlfriend, MY best friend. I thought I had it all. Till the day I reviced a call from an international radio. They want me to work on their show. I said that I had to think about it and talk with my parents. It was an awesome offer. The only problem it has is that I will have to move back to Argentina. We've moved to LA just four years ago. I really don't know how to tell my parents or HOW is my brother going to take it. I mean we are the popular kids on school. We couldn't just move to another country and be the newbies. I am going to have to leave my friends and my brother too because I have to work all around latin america. The first thing I have to do is talk to him and see if he is okay with it. Then, if he is okay with that, talk about it with my parents. I'll do it in the morning it's too late right now.

Jay's Point Of View

My life is great. I mean, I am the school's football team's captian. I have an awesome girlfriend. And the best friend ever, my twin sister, Julie. She's amusing, and my grilfriend's best friend. I thought my life couldn't be better till the day I recived a call from a football international team that wanted me to play for them. I am really excited but I told them I have to talk to my parents first and then think about it there is a really big problem. I will have to go back to Argentina while I was traveling and playing all over the latin american countries. I knew my parents were going to support me. I don't know if my sister will too. Because moving involved going to another school, loosing friends and turn to be from the popular kidss to the newbies. I thought that would be hard because my sister was like the queen bee. But I knew what exactly I was going to do. Talk to my sister first ask her if she is okay with that and just then tell it to my parents. I will sleep and tell her this tomorrow.


Hi sweethearts! I hope you enjoy this first chapter. The story will envolved a lot of celebrities. But what is going to happen? Will the twins move and take the chance to make their dream to become true? Or they will just stay on LA with the life they knew? 

I am going to update everyday if I can. If one day I don't update just  know that the next day I will update twice. I love you all.


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