My love for perrie edwards

Could this really be happening has the bad boy of the school stole my heart and I have found my true love read to find out.


2. getting ready

I was really nervous because zayn is the school bad boy he hooks up with girls and brakes up with them but that's what I was afraid of so Thad why I don't want to get involved with him. So 15 minutes later I was trying to figure out what to wear then I decided to where white skinny jeans and a blue sparkly top. Then it I looks at the clock and realized it was almost time for zayn to pic me up. 15 more minutes so I went down stairs and watched tv. Then I heard the door bell ring I turned off the tv and open the door then saw zayn. He said wow u look good then perrie said to zayn he looks good he said thank then he said ready to go I said yep and he walked me to his car. We got in and I asked where he was going he said its a surprise then 5 minutes later we arrived. He got out and open the door and helped me out of the car and walked me to the door.

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