My love for perrie edwards

Could this really be happening has the bad boy of the school stole my heart and I have found my true love read to find out.


4. after we got home

When we were done the movie zayn took me to his room and close the door and I satin the bed then zayn walked over and sat next to me and ask me how the date was I said good u and I said good. Then zayn kissed me on the lips and fireworks set off then we fell deeply Inlove and we stared to take each other's cloths of and got naked and started rolling on top of each other and kissing each other . I told zayn he was a really good kisser and he had soft lips and zayn said thank you and so do u I blushed and turned red. A spark went off when zayn kissed me. Could this really be happening have I found my true love after all.

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