Read to find out. Will right one of these once I get an Idea.


3. Running

The thing is I've been running for hours and I have no plan of stopping. Well until I saw a McDonalds. Like any other 14 year old who has been running for 3 hours straight - Starving, I walk in. Of course you don't need the traditional, "Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order." I order a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Large Fries, medium chocolate shake, and a Diet Pepsi. 'Cause I need to keep this figure.

Here I am enjoying my meal, then someone taps my shoulder. I take my headphones, interrupting my "Cher Loyd - Want You Back".  I put on my "I'm a nice girl voice". "Yes?", I say as I turn around. I had to a double take. There standing in front of me is the most good looking guy I've ever seen. "Anyone sitting there?", he said in a low whisper. I gesture towards the chair in front of me. "No, free country." He smiles a bit. He walks over and sits down. He pulls back his hoodie. There in front of me is the most gorgeous guy details below.

He has dirty blonde hair, one ear is pierced with a black stud, white-white teeth (gorgeous smile), nice biceps (Not like I was staring), black hoodie (like me *giggle(I did not just do that...did I)), the thing that gets me is his eyes. They look normal from a distance, but up close the right one is a bit more bluish then the left one.

He must have saw me looking at his eyes then he looked down and was grabbing for his sunglasses. "Hey! It's okay........put your food in your pack and lets go.", I said into his mind.

"'re like me?" , said into my mind. (This will get confusing)

"Guess lets go!"

I could hear sirens, they were about 10 miles away, gaining fast. (another one of my abilities) I bet stepjerk sent them saying I stole something then ran. We gotta go.

"Can you run fast for a long time?", I asked him again in his mind.

He raised one eyebrow, "Ya, don't want you to get arrested and taken back to your stepjerk."

Great he can read minds, I started walking towards the door. He cut in front of me and opened the door. Great a gentleman, just what I need. (I meant that sarcastically)

"If you didn't want me to open the door you could've told me." He said - out loud.

I rolled my eyes and started  running west, away from the police cars. At a speed that would give cars a "drive" for their money. I glance behind me, that boy is at my heals. Probably should of asked for his name.

"Name's Jason, call me Jase."He said-in my head



**The in head and out-loud is gonna get confusing.......Itallics are in head. You probably all ready knew that.....anyway just trying to help**

-Hailey (with an I)








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