Lyrical Expressions

*Cover by Jazlyn* Just a list of short poems I wrote. ©2014


12. What Scares Me The Most

What scares me the most

Is not witches or ghosts

But the demon nearby

The being that resides


Deep inside of me

The darkness is too much

I just cannot bear it

Too dangerous to touch


Slithers through my chest

Then goes up to my head

Its smoky body moves

I feel like I am dead


Its teeth sharpening

Biting me with venom

Whispers cutting like knives

They make me want to cry 


“Kill them all,” it says

“Those children at the park.”

“This annoying nuisance,

Make him fall to the dark.” 


Then it turns to me,

Laughing at all my pain

Telling on all my flaws

Everything I did wrong


“You’ll never be good.”

“And you’ll never be great.”

“All you ever will be

Is one lonely mistake.”


We all have darkness

Our own forbidden kiss

But mine haunts forever

And will it end, ever?

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