Lyrical Expressions

*Cover by Jazlyn* Just a list of short poems I wrote. ©2014


7. To My Dearest Lover

To my dearest lover

The only one I've known

You're something special to me

Our future is unknown


When I saw you standing there

Waiting by the coffee chairs

I came up to say hi

And never wanted to say bye


Flash back to three years

It's been nothing but tears

Tears and crying

Our love is dying


And yet you're still my lover

The one that pulls me under

What you do to me

It's hard to foresee


I need to clear my head

Find out what’s going on instead 

For our love to survive

We must find a way to thrive 


I know what is true 

I’m tired of being under

But I don’t want to leave you

Because you are my dearest lover

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