Lyrical Expressions

*Cover by Jazlyn* Just a list of short poems I wrote. ©2014


6. Rain Is Falling

Rain is falling,

Can you see it?

It's dropping from the sky,

Watch it drop towards,

Watch it as it falls!


You can hear the faint tap tap sound it makes,

Just as it's splashing down, down, down

It’s such a beautiful, merry rhythm,

Nature’s own signature music


Some are disgusted by precipitation, 

Insisting that it's ruined their plans.

The football players cry, "Our game is rained out!"

The kids at the park cry, "The playground is soaked!"

The people on a picnic day cry, "We have to take a rain check!"


But why complain?

Why moan and groan and appear so unhappy?

Is the rain as bad as you say?



The precipitation has come unexpectedly! 

And surely it has ruined your plans,

But just think of the bright side of things!

Don’t give into pessimism!

Try examining the intricate drops,

As the fall,

One by one.

They may all look the same,


But look closer!

They are not!


Each single drop is different in its own way.

Look at the shapes,

The sizes!

Even two that appear identical are not the exact same.


So the next time it rains,

And it ruins your plans,

And you feel like screaming, "Why?"

Just remember to watch the rainfall instead;

Examine the drops and its beauty


Just remember,

Rain doesn’t last forever


It will go away

But once it's gone I can assure you,

You will miss it right away

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