Lyrical Expressions

*Cover by Jazlyn* Just a list of short poems I wrote. ©2014


1. Everyday


When I wake up,

I think,

“It’s another day.”

I’m alive,

I’m breathing,

Air is filling through my nose and mouth.

Blood is flowing through my entire body.

I’m alive for another day.

I’m so grateful for the days that I see,

Because every new day is exciting.

Even if the days are alike

There is always something new to do.

There is always a new adventure to explore,

The adventure of life in itself is worthwhile.

Life is so precious,

And sometimes I take it for granted,

But I try to be thankful for everyday.

I can’t imagine never rising in the morning,

Because I’ve been blessed to have seen everyday.


*Cover by Bijan Moore 

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