Lyrical Expressions

*Cover by Jazlyn* Just a list of short poems I wrote. ©2014


3. Crestfallen

Can you feel my sorrow?

The pain, the emotion?

It's trapped inside of me,

And it won't let go.


Nothing can bring up my spirits,

Nothing at all.

I’m stuck in this aura of sadness,

Feeling as if I will fall.


You may come in my presence, 

Try to confront me,

You may ask, “What’s wrong?”

Offer me a shoulder to cry on,

But I wish you would just go!

Just leave me alone!


Let me drown in my own sadness,

Let me suffer through the pain.

Let me stay inside of depression,

Just please let me be.


Through the time I’m in this melancholy state,

I think over the cause of pain.

Asking myself, 


Why do I feel so crestfallen?

Why do I feel like the word is crumbling around me?


My world was not always like this,

It used to be filled with joy.

But then glom struck me,

And ruined it all.


I hate this feeling of sorrow

Yet I cling onto it like an addiction,

want to feel the sadness;

I want to feel the pain!

I want to feel my heart swell up,

I want my joy to die!


So here I am, 

Drowning in my own sadness, 

Not giving a care in the world.

Sorrow surrounds me like a shield,

Blocking me out from feeling the sun.


Here I lay,

Just wondering,

Will I ever be happy again?

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