Lyrical Expressions

*Cover by Jazlyn* Just a list of short poems I wrote. ©2014


5. Burning Flame

You don’t want to see this fire;

It’s too much for you to handle.

Holding it in as a might,

Eventually it will escape


Anger is not something I feel regularly,

But on occasion, it will hit me.

And when it hits me, it’s like fire! 


My body feels the heat,

The aggravation takes over me,

I can only think about exasperation,

All the anger I’ve felt in the past


My mind is not thinking straight.

All I can think of is the fire I feel,

It’s like a candle lit

And if you get too close you’ll burn


I will set you ablaze,

I will scorch you so hard.

Anyone who comes into my path will be burned on sight,

I take out my fire on anyone,


No matter what you’ve done,

You’ve made me mad

I’ll snap at you for reason,

I’ll snap at you without reason


I don’t try to be so abrasive,

I really don’t,

But the passion,

It can be hard to tame


So don’t talk to me,

Don’t even say a word,

Because once the fire is released,

You don’t want to get caught in my burning flame

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