These Things Can Become Confusing

Ashton is a junior at Red Ridge High School. She is a major fan of the band One Direciton. You have heard of them of course. Her mother finally agrees to purchase the high-priced tickets. You will have to read to discover the rest


3. Chapter 3

"Oh hi." I say as I open the door to reveal Harry Styles and Liam Payne.

"Hey.  We are just here to say that our actions were unacceptable and we are sorry.  It is not your fault that you scheduled ahead of time." Liam says as Harry nods in the background.

"It's perfectly fine." I say as I lean awkwardly against the door.

"Is there anything we can do to make up for our actions?" Liam asks.  Harry does not seem to talkative today.

"Well, my friend had to miss the concert and wanted an autograph from you guys… Can I get one?" I ask.

"Oh, well sure!" Liam says.  I hand him a piece of paper and a pen.  

"I will be right back." He says as he travels to the other boy's rooms.  I shut the door and instantly go and grab my phone.  I text Ana. 

'Got the autographhhhhhh.'

I set the phone down when I hear who I assume is Liam knock on the door.  I open the door and, just as I expected, Liam is standing there. 

"Here you go!" He says cheerfully.  Sure enough, all the signatures are on the paper.

"Thanks! She is going to freak!" I reply excitedly.  

"No problem!" He says as he walks off.  I shut the door, slightly disappointed.  I don't know what I was expecting.  I guess after reading endless fan fiction about them seeing you and instantly falling in love raised my expectations higher than they should be.  Hey, can't blame a girl for dreaming.  I know that every fan out there, no matter what fandom you come from, have dreamed of meeting a certain person and them seeing you and falling in love.  It's unrealistic, but we still insist on believing that it just may happen.

At about 4 a.m. I am awake and heading down the halls to find a vending machine.  I am STARVING! My mother was right, I should have brought food.  As I am roaming the halls, I finally find a vending machine filled with chips, chocolate, and everything I need.  I put the crisp dollar bill in and after repeating the cycle several times, leave with some Doritos, a bag of peanuts, and a bottle of water from one of the other machines.  As I am on my way back to my room, Louis stops me.  LOUIS TOMLINSON STOPS ME IN CASE YOU DIDNT HEAR. 

"Where did you get that??" He asks.

"Down the hall and to the left." I say, trying not to scream my lungs.

"THANK YOU!" He shouts as he runs down the hall.

NO THANK YOU FOR EVEN TALKING TO ME I AM DYING YOU DONT UNDERSTAND.  It is a very good thing that I can contain my emotions when I need to.  Otherwise, I would scare these boys more than any fan ever has.  

At around 6:00, I head downstairs to eat, and I may be traveling down there to ask for the wifi password….. but that is not the major thing right now.  Food first, then wifi.  Oh who am I kidding?

"Excuse me ma'am, what is the wifi password.  There was nothing in my room to tell me." I say to the woman up front.  It is the same one from yesterday.  

"Oh, Yes! Sorry!  It is hiltonhotels3337!" She blurts quickly.  

"Thanks!" I say as I type the password into my laptop and log into tumblr.  I close the laptop, tuck it into its pouch, and head for the buffet.  Once I have sat down, I once again pull out the computer and log into tumblr.  I pull out the charger and plug it into the outlet that rests just above the table.  Once I reach the place on my dash that I have already seen, I decide to search the One Direction tag.  Surely anxious fan are posting non-stop about it.  My assumptions are correct as I scroll through the endless posts by people who cannot wait until the concert.  So many past concert pictures, fetus pictures, and lyric posts.  There is always the occasional hate post, in which the blog who posts it is flooded with enraged posts.  This is usually the part of tumblr I spend my time on.  Watching the people threat and use all caps text and everything is alway hilarious.  The way that the people receiving the hate is the funniest.  Most people just tell the immature little girls that they are entitled to their own opinions and to go show their mommies what they are posting.  They are just AMAZING.  I mean yes, they clearly have no taste in music if they are hating on 1D, but I am not the extreme person who wants to rob people of their opinions.  Just as I am about to click on one of the hate posts, I hear a gasp behind me.  I turn around and instantly say,

"Do you mind? There is this thing called privacy.  I really enjoy mine."

I turn to see who I said this to and instantly regret it.  Sitting behind me is One Direction.  Each of them with their own shocked look.

"Oh, um…. uh…" I say as I close my laptop, unplug it, and set it back into its carrier.

"What was that?" Harry asks.

"That was you guys' tumblr tag….." I say as I walk to the elevator.

I look back and no one is following me.  That was odd.  This whole situation is starting to seem unreal.  Like I am living a fantasy.  Too good to be true.  I look to my phone which has 3, and now 4 unread messages.  





Oh crap.  They sure can tweet fast.  Let's see these tweets.

"@NiallOfficial: WOW! You guys certainly post a lot to the One Direction tag on that Tumblr website!"

"@Harry_Styles: Man! You guys are certainly dedicated to this whole Tumblr thing!"

As you can imagine, most of the replies were 'CODE RED!!! EVERYONE ABANDON TUMBLR! THE BOYS KNOW TOO MUCH WE MUST HIDE!!!'

Yea.  Too bad they don't know that the boys don't have a Tumblr…. or at least I don't think that they do.  I assume that they just saw all the posts over my shoulder.  Which is great.  I look at the time, 7:30.  I still have a while before I leave to line up for the concert.  I decide to get ready and go somewhere.  I have no idea where, but somewhere.



*Authors Note*

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I think it is a little long and I talked a lot but hey, don't judge. Leave feedback please!!!! 

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