These Things Can Become Confusing

Ashton is a junior at Red Ridge High School. She is a major fan of the band One Direciton. You have heard of them of course. Her mother finally agrees to purchase the high-priced tickets. You will have to read to discover the rest


2. Chapter 2

"I SWEAR YOU HAVE THE BEST LUCK OF ANYONE I HAVE EVER MET!!!" Ana yelled through the speaker.

"Sorry Ana, when you forget to order the tickets, you miss out on the fabulous time that I am going to have! Don't worry, I will get you those autographs!" I manage to get out before going back into my fit of laughter. 

"This is NOT funny!!!!! I would have ordered those tickets if you would have reminded me!!!" she says.  She is right.  I should have reminded her, but I did not think of it.  I made my best friend miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

"Sorry Ana! I should have told you!" I reply.  I truly was sorry, though I doubt she believes me.

"I am not THAT mad Ashton, as long as you bring me back autographs from ALL the guys!"

"Deal." I say as i walk out of my room and to the hotel elevator.  I am starving.  I decided to head out and get some food before I die of starvation.  "I will talk to you later Ana, I am so hungry right now that I could eat just about anything!" I say as I hang up the phone.  

Once the elevator reaches the ground floor, the shiny metal doors slide open.  I walk to the front desk and ask if the woman has any recommendations for restaurants.  She tells me that there is a part of town that is full of good food and tells me how to get there.  I quickly thank her and head to my car.  I still can not believe it.  I will be in the room on the same floor as One Direction.  I am so excited.

I finally find a nice establishment and decide to eat there.  Once I arrive back at the hotel, a crowd of fans already block the entrance to it.  I make my way to the door and am instantly blocked.

"No non-guests are allowed into the hotel.  It is already filled to its capacity so there will be no one else staying." a tall security guard says.

"I already have a room sir." I say, showing him the card.

"Oh, I am sorry to block your way then." the man says as he lets me slip into the building.  I go to the elevator and hit the button for the eleventh floor.  When I finally get there, the door opens and standing right before me is One Direction.  

"Um, why are you on our floor.  Fans are not allowed up here…" Liam says.

I stand frozen from shock.  One Direction is standing right in front of me.

"I am going to go talk to the hotel manager." Liam says as he goes into the elevator.

"Oh I am.. Uh.. Sorry, I happen to be staying on this floor." I say as I make my way to my room.

"What?  No one is supposed to be on this floor but us!" Harry says.

"I had this room scheduled for months, so i guess you must have scheduled after I did." I said as kindly as I could. They were obviously not happy to have me on this floor.  Why though? I am not going to bother them.

"Oh…… well i guess its ok.  Just try to the the noise down.  We have a concert tomorrow, which I would imagine that you knew about.  Considering that you are wearing that One Direction necklace."  Liam says.  I nod and swiftly walk to my room.  I put my ear to the door to try and listen for any other conversation.

"That was a little harsh Liam, don't you think.  I mean it's not her fault that she got that room." It sounded like Niall's voice.  

"Well, we were told that we would be the only ones on this floor! Right Harry?"  Liam replies coldly.

"That is true, and I know I might have been a little harsh on her too, but Niall is right, we were a little to mean to the girl." Harry says.

"Well then why don't you just go apologize?" says Zayn.  Their accents are so easily matched to the person.  Silence fills the hallway and I walk away from the door.  Just as I am about to sit down on the couch, there is a knock on the door.

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