These Things Can Become Confusing

Ashton is a junior at Red Ridge High School. She is a major fan of the band One Direciton. You have heard of them of course. Her mother finally agrees to purchase the high-priced tickets. You will have to read to discover the rest


1. Chapter 1

I walk into the school the day before the concert.  

"I still can't believe you are going to that concert without me!' My friend Ana says.

"You know if I had the money, I would pay for you a ticket!" I say.  It is true.  She has been through so much with me and I would love nothing more than for her to attend the concert also.

"You HAVE to get me an autograph!!!" She yells.

"If I can even get one! They may not even sign any while they are in Nashville." I say.  It's true.  They may just do the concert and hop on their tour bus.

"Just get their attention! Take your top off do something!" She says over excitedly.

"Ana, you may be my best friend, but I will not take my shirt off to get you an autograph. They would run in terror if they saw me like that!" I say.  I am not the thinnest girl that has walked the Earth.  I am a moderately sized girl.  I am tall and curvy.  I would not like to have any other type of body than my own.  Anyways, I could not wait to go to the concert.  We leave tonight to go to Nashville.  I am so excited that I have not slept for three days.

"Ok well, I will see you in Three days!" she says as she walks out of my house.

As soon as Ana leaves, I grab my bags and head out for Nashville.

"Thanks so much Mom!" I say for the one millionth time today.

"You're welcome sweetheart.  Are you sure you remember the plan?" she says through the speaker to me.

"Yes Mom, I drive to the hotel tonight.  In the morning, I occupy myself until around five, then i go and get into the line for the concert.  Once the concert ends, I go to the hotel, call you, then stay the night.  In the morning, I am allowed to spend the day in Nashville, then, I have to go home." I reply.  We have reviewed the plan almost 10 times before I left.

"Okay dear.  Remember to have fun." She says just before she hangs up the phone.

I finally arrive at the Hilton hotel to sign in.

"Mrs. Marks?" The attendant at the desk asks.

"That would be me." I reply with a friendly smile.

"You will be staying in suite 158.  It is located on the top floor.  You are a lucky woman.  You got the Suite right beside One Direction's.  They purchased five of the six that sit on the top floor.  I am honestly surprised that they didn't go ahead and purchase the top two floors.  They also purchased seven rooms on the lower floors for staff.  I hope you enjoy your stay.  Dial 9 if you need assistance or have any questions." She said as she scans the room key card and hands it to me.  Wow.  I am on the same floor as One Direction.  I have to tell Ana.

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