Is he the one?

Being kidnapped by the one and only zayn malic and not knowing he did it but then started to get raped crazy right.


2. raped

When zayn walked over he grabbed me and took me to his room but before I went out of the room harry said I would be okay then I said thanks and kissed him on the check. Then I followed zayn into his room and he locked the door after I walked in. I asked him why he did that he said your not leaving I'm going to rape u . I started to scream before I could zayn covers my mouth and started taking my cloths of then he took of my bra and underwear and then he striped down and pushed me on the bed. Zayn I kept screaming to get of of me then harry broken in and yelled at zayn to get off of me and he said no then harry walked over and pulled zayn off of me zayn got dressed and walked out then harry said sorry about that.

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