This Is Us

Ever was just that weird badass chick at her school. Bullied constantly with only a small group of friends that know her secret. When she meets 1D thru a dare What will happen?


2. The Dare

Zayn POV

Okay here we are in Seven Elven and this girl very beautiful I may add asks "Do you like carrots?" Lou practically screamed yes. She just laughed and then Lou hugged her. And whispered something she whispered back and then they exchanged phones she came up to us and said "Thank you very much for participating. We all laughed. She left.Crowding around Lou we all asked what he got from her. His response:

Wouldn't you like to know? He ran away laughing!!! We all chased after him wanting to know what she said. Convo:

Z- Zayn

Li- Liam





Z-Okay carrots in the garbage!



H-Now spill

L-Fine okay so we where talking and she gave me her number and said not to share it with you guys except Zayn or as she said "the brown hair and non-curled guy" Hahahhaha

God she wants me to know her number I took Lou's phone and texted her what she called me

A/N Okay I know this sucks but whatever hope you like it

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