My Little Girl

Kaia Bay. The Sea. That's me. My name is Kaia Bay. That's it. No last name. I had a mom and a dad. But my dad left and my mom died. So all that's left was a weak innocent little girl. All I have is the sea.


2. Characters!!!!!!!!!!

Hello!!!!!! I need some characters!!!!!!


1) Kaia's older sister

Averee, 20, Long medium dark brown straight hair, Brown eyes, Funny, Gorgeous, Fit, and VERY Funny. (@DIRECTIIONER @ Heart 's Big sister)

2) Kaia's younger sister

Alice May, 3, Dark dirty blondish, Chocolate brown, Funny, Adorable, and LOVES to chat. (@DIRECTIONER @ heart's niece. Just so ya know...)

3) Niall's gf

Elizabeth (Liz), Black waost length hair, Brown eyes, shy, Loves to eat, is from Southern Alabama, and is a dancer.

4) Harry's gf

Joelle, red hair, brown eyes (GINGER!!) Loves 1D, is very sensitive, and Loves Harry VERY much. (@JoelleCarter)

5) Liam's gf

Olivia, Mid back dark curly brown hair, Chocolate eyes, Funny, Loud, Dramatic, Nice, Diva, Fashionista, Fun, and Likes Riding Horses. (@DIRECTION @ Heart 's Cousin)

6) Louis' gf

Adaya Stewart, long curly dark brown hair with blonde tips, green (with golden-brown specks) eyes, kinda funny, very nice, and loud. (@DIRECTIONER @ heart)

7) Zayn's gf

Julia, dark brown (top) Light brown (middle) Blonde (tips), brown with specks of blue. Likes to sing and skateboard. Has a sister, step brother, and 2 half brothers. Mixed personality of Zayn and Louis. Is good at giving advice and helping people through things. 


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