My Little Girl

Kaia Bay. The Sea. That's me. My name is Kaia Bay. That's it. No last name. I had a mom and a dad. But my dad left and my mom died. So all that's left was a weak innocent little girl. All I have is the sea.


3. Chapter 1



I woke up suddenly and tried to remember who those people were. They're was a little baby and an older girl. They looked like me and I feel like I know them. Then I heard Alice cry. She was the smallest kid at the orphanage. So I got up and wen to see what was wrong. There was a guy, he had blondish brown hair. He looked alot like Alice and I. But anyways I walked over to him and picked up Alice from his grip. She calmed down and eventually fell asleep. "Thanks." He said. He had an accent. Irish, maybe? Alice had fallen asleep and I gave her back to the guy. "Hi, I'm Niall and thanks for your help." I nodded and said quietly, "I'm Kaia." He nodded before looking at his watch. "Sorry, but I really must leave. And I want to take you with me." He said to me. I stared, shocked. "But I need one more person, her name is Averee." I nodded and went to get her. We both packed and headed downstairs, to be faced by 5 guys. 

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