Unforgetible Love (1D not famous)

Gissel is a normal 16 year old girl. Her dad died 1year ago and she moved with her mom to England for a new life. But once she meets a boy with forest green eyes and curly hair he falls in love with her but can he earn her love?


2. First day of school

Gissel's POV-

When I woke up I headed to the shower. After that I thought since it was summer I should wear something cute so I put on some short shorts a cute pink shirt and Converse. Then I put on some eyeliner and light colored lip gloss. I put my hair into a messy bun. I checked the clock and school started in 15 minutes so I ran to my car and drove to school. Once I got there I went to my first class which was math. I saw only 1 seat available which was at the back. I sat down and as soon as I tried to get out a pencil my bag fell.Shit!(I said in a low voice then I saw someone reach for it and give it to me when I saw who it was we stared at each other for what felt like an hour but was only a minute. He had forest green eyes with curly hair and tattoos.


Harry's POV-

As I picked her bag I gave it to her and looked at her. She was beautiful. She had brown hair with ocean blue eyes.Then I smiled at her and said, hi I'm Harry and you are... Gissel she said with a bright smile.Are you new? Yes I moved here yesterday! Wow well nice knowing you! Yea nice knowing you too! After I finished talking to her I looked to the front but I couldn't stop thinking about her. She made me feel different.


Gissel's POV-

He seemed friendly and he was really cute and those green just made me want to.... Wait Gissel you don't even know him just stay focused on school! After the bell ringed I couldn't stop thinking about him. The morning passed by quickly and my last class was science. When I walked in I saw Harry his eyes looked directly to mine when he saw me the he started to say come sit next to me so I did. When I sat down he started to talk to me and I talked to him to by the end f class he asked me out on a date I told him yes then he said OK then I'll see you at 7 yea see you! I went home and decided to start getting ready.

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