Before Harry's time

Have you ever wondered what Lily Evans life was like, how did she take it when she found out that she was ''different''. This is the story of Lily Evans and how she created the most famous wizard in the 20th century.
Completely made up-Only some infomatin is used from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
All rights reserved to Warner Bros and JK Rowling please don't steal my idea


2. sleep

Night time ~11:30

I lay awake, I couldn't sleep. Not after that strange conversation with that boy (who Petunia later told me was called Snake or something like that). Of course when I first heard it I thought that he was being very rude and that it was all kind of some joke,but now thinking about it I could always make weird things happen. Like with the flower petal and whenever I jump off stuff in never hurt my legs. Also bigger stuff, when ever someone was mean to me they would always somehow have something bad happen to them like on my 5th birthday party when this mean girl called Sally made fun of my dress and teased me all day long later fell into the garden pond and ruined her a lovely pink dress. Also that time when Johnny had been making fun of me, lost all his homework for the rest of the day and got into loads of trouble with the teachers. I guess I always thought that it was a coincidence or karma. But now thinking about it I could actually be a witch. I mean Petunia always called me a freak (when we fought) and I could always do strange things. I need to learn more from this Snake boy, but I doubt he'll go anywhere near where me and petunia play so I guess I'll have to find him. What I need now is to get some sleep and think about it in the morning

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