Imagines and Preferences <3 :)


4. Justin Bieber

You were laying down in bed, scrolling through your twitter feeds. You were retweeting everything that Justin tweets. You were trying to get his attention..for him to follow you back.

You were a big belieber and you have over 5000 followers. You were always in your laptop or phone, looking through updates about Justin Bieber.

One day, you were eating breakfast and you heard your phone, signalling that there was a notification. You opened it and saw that Justin Bieber finally followed you.

You screamed and jumped up and down in the kitchen and then your mom came. "What's going on? Why are you all screaming and jumping up and down? You're gonna break the floor." Your mom joked. You smiled widely and pointed at your phone. "Mom! You'll never guess what?!" You said with a lot of enthusiasm. "What?" She said, mocking you.

"JUSTIN BIEBER JUST FOLLOWED ME BACK!!" You squeeled and jumped up and down again. Your mom raised an eyebrow. She doesn't know anything about twitter or follow so she thought that Justin Bieber was stalking you.

"What?! He's following you?! He knows where you live?" Your mom said, panicking. You stopped and narrowed your eyes at your mom. "Mom, it's not like that. I meant he followed me back on twitter. It's like have to add people." You explained and your mom sighed in relief.

"Oh good. I swear I don't know about these kinds of stuff. You kids these days." She said, shaking her head and walking upstairs. You heard your phone rang again and you saw that there was a new direct message from Justin.

You tried your best not to squeel because your mom was there so you breathe in and out and opened it.

It says: "Hey there, beautiful. I noticed that you retweet all of my tweets..haha..see what I just did there? Anyways, I think you're very pretty and I noticed that you're from (Your country). I'm gonna be there for summer...taking a vacation..So can we hang out maybe?"

You replied with a yes and he asked for your number and you gave it to him. After that, you guys talk all the time and finally summer came and you guys met up and started to became something more. <3

(A/N: I know this one sucked balls...sorry)

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