Imagines and Preferences <3 :)


2. Austin Mahone

You were on your way to Starbucks when your phone rings. You answered it. "Hello?" You greeted"Hey there, babe." It was Austin, your one true love. "Austin! OMG, baby! How are you?" You exclaimed. "I'm great but I miss you. How about you?" He said. You can tell that he was pouting right now. "Aww..I miss you too, baby. How's tour?" You asked. He scoffed. "Ugh! It's horrible without you here, (Y/N)." He said. You giggled. "I'm at Starbucks right now. I'll call you later, okay?" You said, a little sad that you have to hang up. "Okay. I love you, baby and I miss you." He said. You were in tears at the time but you smiled. "I love you too, babe. I miss you...Call you later, okay?" You asked. He said yes and you both hung up. You went out from your car and went inside Starbucks to buy your usual and then when you got home, you called Austin. "Hey, Austin" You greeted. "Hey, babe!" He said, happily. You giggled. "You're so happy today. Why?" You asked. You can feel him smirk. You grinned. "Austin, you're hiding something from me. What is it?" You said. "Where are you right now?" He asked. "I'm in my room. Why?" You asked, curiously. "Turn around" He commanded. You turned around to see him standing outside your balcony with a boquet of flowers on his left hand and his phone still on his ear on the right. He was wearing a snapback, his red and black letterman jacket, a plain white v-neck shirt, jeans and his high tops. He looked handsome as ever. You smiled and were almost in tears when you saw him. It was like a dream. You opened your balcony and hugged him tight, not wanting to let go. "Hey there, pumpkin. Do you like my surprise?" He asked and laughed. You laughed too and nodded. "I love you, Austin." You said, meaningfully. "I love you too, baby. Forever and Always." He kissed the top of your head before placing his lips into yours.

(A/N: I'm sorry, guys if mahh first imagine is horrible...Sorry if it's short too.)

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