Hes different but I like that

Natalie's parents are always fighting so Natalie ran away and she was saved by a boy who was only a year older than her. He cared for her, treated her with respect, and loved her. Natalie has found out that she has found her true love and has followed her dream.


1. I love him and I always will

Hello, I'm Ali. Yeah yeah yeah, I know what your thinking, 'UGHH JUST GET TO THE STORY!!!!' I know, but I just wanted to say that I REALLY hope you enjoy my story I have worked hard on it. Now, go ahead… read!!!

Hi I'm Natalie. I'm 16 years old. I go to high school I'm in the 11th grade which makes me a Junior. I don't have any friends. My life sucks. My parents are getting a divorce. They started to fight when I turned 13. It's like they fought over what they wanted for my future plans or something. My mom was really sensitive and my dad was really harsh so I would always be there to cheer her up. I loved my mom to the moon and back and she loved me the same. She always told me to follow my dreams, so finally one day I did.

*Natalie's P.O.V*

I packed my things and walked out the door. No one tried to stop me. I ended up miles away from home. I would sleep on park benchs. People would stare at me point and laugh, but there was one kid, he was different. He asked me if I wanted a place to stay for a bit. I followed him into this big house, I mean it was big,we walked into the door and it was like a palace he told me that I could pick any room I wanted, I picked the biggest one. He helped me with my things up the stairs and into the room. We talked for a bit and he finally told me his name, his name is Harry and he's 17, only a year older.

*Harrys P.O.V*

She was different she wasn't like any other girls, I like her. We talked for an hour until I asked her if she wanted to take a shower, " Ohh please, I feel like dirt." I took her to the bathroom, handed her a towel and left her alone. 'Man, she is different, she's nice, she has a nice smile, although her teeth arnt that great but I did just find her on the street soo.'

*Natalie's POV*

20 minutes have passed. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. His smile, his voice, his hair, his eyes, him. All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door, It was Harry, I was soo happy. "Natalie, are you ok, you have been in there for 20 minutes?" He asked. "Ohh yeah I'm fine I just had to clear my mind." "Ohh ok" I heard Harry walk away. I turn the shower off I step out of the shower and wrap my hair in a towel and my body. I start to run across the hall to get to my room but instead I end up on the floor. I slipped on water that dripped off my foot. Harry comes running up the stairs. He sees me on the floor. He helps me up and he locks eyes with mine. We were standing there for 4 minutes like that until I noticed I was BUTT NAKED IN FRONT OF HARRY!!! I quickly put my towel back and walked to my room.

I got dressed and I did my makeup. I walk down the stairs looking for Harry. I felt a tap on the shoulder. I jump I'm excitement thinking that it was Harry. It wasn't. It was a tall man. He looked like a butler. " And what is your name, young lady?" "M...m...my...my name is Natalie sir" "And what are you doing here?" He asked. "I...I was invited over here." "And whom invited you?" He asked. "Harry" "UGHH I TOLD HIM TO STOP DOING THAT!!" "Um if...if I may ask, what did you tell him to stop doing exactly?" "Ohh alright. He has a habit of bring people into our home." "Ohh, well I'm sorry, if I'm unwanted I'll leave right away." "NO STOP DONT LEAVE!!" Yelled Harry at the top of the stairs. I had a huge smile on my face. He winked at me with his sexy curly hair. I blushed.

*Harrys POV*

Wow she beautiful."Max, you can't kick a homeless person out on the streets, why do you think I brought her here?" "Ohh I'm... I'm sorry Mr. Styles, it's just-" "Stop. Go clean the kitchen, I just made lunch for Natalie and I made a mess." "Yes sir" said the butler. "Wow, you can get people to do what ever you want?" She asked crossing her arms. "Kinda." "So" she said. "Want to go have some lunch?" "Sure." She ate like she hasn't eaten in ages. After she ate I showed her around a bit. We talked laughed and ended up eating junk food.

*Natalie's P.O.V*

I got a phone call on my cell, It said 'mom', I was scared to answer it, so I let it ring. Harry looked at me In a cute way. He started to feed me food one by one kinda romantic like. He asked me who called me, I acted like I didn't know my phone even ring. We talked more, and my phone rang again. Harry asked me "Why don't you answer it?" "I dont wanna." "Ohh well is there a problem going on that I don't know about?" Harry asked with a desperate face. "No, every…" I start to bawl my eyes out. He stops every thing it's like the world stopped spinning and he was focusing on me and only me, he had finally told me that he is leaving every thing and focusing on loving me.

He starts hugging me and rocking back and fourth like he would if I was a baby, he started rubbing my back and sings his favorite song. Soon enough i fall asleep in his arms and I could feel him carrying me up the stairs like a married couple to my bed room. He set me down on the bed and he started to walk away "Harry?" "Yeah, what's up sweetie?" He made me happy when he called me sweetie. "Can you lay down with me?" I asked with a sad but desperate face. "Of course" he climbed in and he started rubbing his finger on my arm and i could feel him fall asleep.

*Harry's POV*

I woke up and I could feel her rubbing my chest, she was feeling my muscles. She rubbed her hand up and down my chest. I kinda liked it. "Good morning sweetie." She blushed. "Morning" "are you hungry?" "Kinda" she responded kind of in an upset way. "What do you want?" "What do you have?" She asked and I chuckled. We went down stairs to have some breakfast. I made her eggs with toast and she made me and omelet with toast we shared our food like a married couple. When we finished eating we watched tv and she laid on my chest and started rubbing my muscles again. "Do you want to tell me what happened last night?" I start rubbing her arm again. She took a deep breath and she sat up. "It was my mom who called." She said that all upset like. "Ohh is there something going on with you and your mom?" "No, it's…it's just…" she started tearing up in her eyes. "Ohh baby you don't have to tell me if your gonna cry about it, but just remember I'm always here for you if you need help let me know, ok?" She started to tear up a bit more, a tear rolled down her face. I whipped the tear away and she looked up at me and it was perfect, her beautiful blue eyes sparkled in the light, she looked at me in the eyes and she leans forward but stuttered, I was holding her head with my hand and i went is and kissed her. The kiss lasted a while next thing I know we weren't just kissing we were laying down on the couch. "Ahem" Max the butler was standing in the door way. I shot up and looked at him. He had a disappointed face on him but also happy. "What are you doing?" I asked "ohh nothing… nothing." I got annoyed. "Want to go in my room or yours?" He asked me "sure"

*Natalie's POV*

We walked into his room. I looked around a bit, his room was nice. He signaled me to sit down next to him. I sat down sext to him and he started to kiss me. He nudged me to lay down. He started to rub my thigh and he could tell I was getting uncomfortable so he stopped. We have been kissing for a while but then I stopped. "What's wrong?" He sounded worried. "I… I don't… I don't feel so well." I got up and ran to the bathroom, he followed behind me. I started to puke. He held my hair back and he rubbed my back. He started to sing the song again. His voice was nice and soothing. He made me feel welcome, complete, loved.

I finally stopped puking. He carried me to my room and he laid down with me again but this time I didn't need to ask. He kept singing and I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up and I saw him, i thought to my self 'man he just to fuc*ing perfect!' I cuddled up next to him and he started to hug me and I fell asleep again.

*Harrys POV*

I woke up and she was right there. I thought to my self ' I'm really lucky. If I didn't ask her that one question she wouldn't be here with me, I wouldn't be in love.' I could here her moaning and then she stretched she rolled over and looked at me. She just looked at me and I could tell that she finally built up the courage to say three simple words l. I smiled " I love you, I really mean it. You make me feel happy, complete, loved. You are there for me when I don't even ask for it. You take care of me, you help me in random situations. I know my life is a bit of a mess right now but i know that that will be fixed as long as I'm with you. I love you, to the moon and back." I just stared at her then I smiled I kissed her maybe a little more than kiss but… I love her just the same way maybe even a little more. "Will you go out with me?" "I thought we already were."

*2 years later still Harrys POV*

I have noticed that she hasn't gotten another call from her mom or dad in about 2 years. "Natalie, do you maybe want to go see your parents?" She stared dead blank at me. "I don't know, I mean I guess, but when?" " we could go today, tomorrow, any day you want." "Can we go today?" "Of course." She gets ready to go see her parents she changes her clothes to better ones so she can show them how well she is doing. We head out the door into the car and to her parents house. She was nervous in the car, I could tell, she was rubbing her hands together in a nervous way. We finally arrive at her parents house, she knocks on the door. The door opens and it's her mom. They both hug and started crying. "Hi mom" "hi baby" her mother had a big smile across her face. "Where's dad?" "Ohh he's not here." "Ohh well when will he be back?" "Never" her mother said very sad. "W…what do you mean never?" "Your father left me." "Ohh" it starts to rain and her mom invited us inside. "Well who is this fellow?" "This is Harry. Harry, Lisa, Lisa, Harry." "Very nice to meat you Lisa." I had a smile on his face. "You too Harry." She had a smile on her face too. "Mom he took care of me." "Ahh so that's where you went." She chuckled. "You two look like great friends." "Mom we are more than friends." "Ohh I didn't think it was that serious." "Yep, 2 years" "Ohh, well you can't see him any more." "WHAT WHY?" "I don't want to loose you again Natalie!" "You won't I'm just a few miles away." "Nat please, I get lonely." I whisper into Natalie's ear something. "GREAT IDEA!! Mom what if you come live with us we have extra rooms. You can pick any one you want." "Ahh that is lovely, I think I'm going to like you Harry." She had a big smile on her face. Natalie and I left and we called someone to help her pack and move her things into our house.

*Natalie's POV*

"Harry I love you. You are always helping people." It only took my mom and the movers 2 days to get every thing packed and into the house. She got settled in very quickly. We helped her get every thing set to go and it looked really nice. She was happy. By the time we finished it was 9:30 my mom fell asleep right away. Harry and i stayed up and watched scary movies. After the movies we went to bed and we kissed in the dark and talked. The next day we let my mom settle in. Harry and I went out some where at 10:00. I wore a little black dress. He couldn't keep his eyes off of me. We went out to dinner and we had fun. We got back to the house and it was around 11:30pm. We went to bed and we were so tired. We woke up the next morning and he made every one breakfast. It was 12:30pm and my mom still didn't wake up. I went to go wake her up but she wasn't asleep. I called for Harry to come help me. He ran up the stares. He saw me crying and looked at my mom. "Ohh sweetie, I'm so sorry." "I just can't believe that this happened, she looked perfectly fine yesterday. Oh my god!" I couldn't stop crying. Harry called 911 and he was there for me. I was different after the ambulance took her. I didn't seem as happy. I didn't want to do any thing. Harry was getting worried. He called some one to see if they could help. We had a few appointments but nothing worked. Harry decided to do one thing which made me smile. He took me out for dinner to a fancy place. He got me a lot of thing on the menu but I didn't really eat. Finally, he got down on one knee and said "Natalie, will you marry me?" I smiled, cried, and said "yes". We had to plan out our wedding and everything. We were so happy.

*2 months later*

*Harrys POV*

"Natalie I'm so happy you said yes." "Me too." We had just finished planing. We just started planing how many kids we want. "I want 2 kids and we can name them Kyle and Rose." "Aww I love those names." "So, are we having 2 kids?" "Umm…YES."

*2 months later*

*wedding music* "do you Harry Edward Styles take Natalie Marie Maddison to be your loftily wedded wife?" "I do" "do you Natalie Marie Maddison take Harry Edward Styles to be your husband?" "I do" it was an amazing moment. Natalie looked beautiful in her wedding dress. "You may now kiss the bride" we kissed for a while. I could hear cheering, whistles, and clapping in the background. We both walked down the isle smiling holding hands, it was perfect.

*Natalie's POV*

I couldn't stop smiling. It was a dream come true. "So where are we going for our honey moon?" "How's Hawaii?" " PERFECT!"

*3 weeks later*

"Harry! Are you ready to go!?" "I'll be right down I'm still packing!" "Hurry up!" He came down 5 minutes later with 2 bags. "What's with the 2 bags?" "Hey, not only girls have hair stuff bags." "HAHAHAHAHA" "What? What? WHAT?!" "Come on ya idiot lets go." We soon got in the taxi and we were on our way to the airport. "Gees" "what?" "I can not believe that we are going on our honeymoon!!" "I can't wait for you to see our hotel room." "I'm excited" Harry eventual fell asleep on the plane and the second and the third.

We finally arrived in Hawaii. "It's beautiful here" "it is" Harry sounded amazed like he hasn't seen any thing like it. "come on let's go check in." After we checked in we went up to our room. "The view is beautiful, I love it here!" We finally settled in. After that we looked around a bit. We went back to the hotel room and had a little fun😏. After that it was night time, you could see the moon reflect off of the ocean. "Ohh Harry its beautiful!" "I knew you would love it." "Ohh I love you Harry!" "I love you too sweetie." It was a perfect moment every one was happy.

*2 weeks later*

"Ahh its nice to be home." "I'm gonna miss Hawaii. Can we go back? Harry I want to go back it sucks here." "I know I know." "Hey I'll be right back." I walked into the bathroom and did some thing. "Harry… Harry…HARRY!" "What!!" "I'm…I'm pregnant!!" "No?!" "I'm pregnant" "OH MY GOD!!"

*9 months later*

"It's a girl!!" I was so happy. "It's a boy!!" I HAD FRICKN' TWINS!!! "Harry it came true. It's Kyle and Rose." I started to cry.

The twins grew older and so did Harry and I. I'm glad that I ran away and I'm glad that he found me. If he didn't find me, who knows what would have happened to me. I have lived my dream. Have you?

*authors note*

Hey peeps. How did you like it. I didn't write the book right I got a little confused on what to do and I only have one chapter when i wanted like 5 or something. But now I know how to make an actual book soo hopefully my next one will be put together properly.

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