Taylyn is a sixteen year old girl with a shocking secret. When she moves to Dallas, Texas, a whole new adventure awaits. Niall is bestfriends with Harry, Taylyns sister Marie's boyfriend. When Taylyn meets One Direction, she goes completely insane. But just how far will she go to be with one of them?


1. Taylyn's P.O.V

      I was standing at the top of the highest tower, when I felt a shove. Someone behind me obviously didn't really care what happened. On my way down, I saw a shadow of a dog. A black dog. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I heard a chuckle of laughter come from the tower. I look up to see nothing. As if the person just disappeared. I think I had been falling for what felt like a few minutes. Then, I woke up. I was sitting in a pool of sweat. I could hardly breathe. I looked at my alarm clock. 8:15. Dang! I was late for school. I went to the bathroom and took a shower to rinse the sweat off. I put on my skinny jeans with my striped pink shirt with my cowgirl boots. 8:30. I still had to do my make-up. I rushed to the bathroom to apply it. I then re-brushed my hair, grabbed my purse, and picked up my keys. I went to my car and turned it on. 8:45. It took about 20 minutes to get to my school from my home. As I walked in, I noticed I had already missed math. Yet, I have the same teacher twice in a row because I stink at math. I walked in to Mrs. Shultz' room. "Taylyn, where were you first period?" "Sorry Mrs. Shultz... I over slept" I replied. "Again..?" "Yes Ma'am.. Again, I'm sorry." "Just takes your seat. Math class was a drag/ I basically doodled all over my notebook the whole time. Stars. Hearts. A weird name I didn't recognize. Margrett, my partner, looks over to see what I'm doodling. "Ohh, Taylyn!" She whispers. "What?" "You got a boyfriend or a crush" Gosh was she nosy. "Neither of your assumptions are valid. They are both incorrect." "Then who's name is that?" "I don't know.." "You d-" "Girls, do you have something to say to the class?" Mrs. Shultz asked us. Margrett said no. I just sat there. Jordan looked over on my book and noticed the name. "Mrs. Shultz, they were probably talking about Taylyn's new boyfriend." I heard a bunch of ohhs, ahhs, and ewws. I stand up, grab my things, and rush towards the bathrooms. Mrs. Shults sent Addalyn (Addy my bestfriend) to come get me. "Tay.." "What Addy?" "Mrs. Shultz kindof wants you back in the class... Now. But I'll tell her you had horrible cramps, a headache, and a nose bleed from tripping. You can stay here if you want, I know how you feel. I start walking when over the intercom I hear my name. I walk to the office  and see 5 really cute guys. "Hey Mr. Payger. You needed me?" Just about then I notice a pair of green and a pair of blue eyes staring at me. They were absolutely adorable. "Yes, Taylyn, I do. I need you to show these boys to their classes. Boys, this is Taylyn." "Hi guys". I practically whispered.   "Hi. I'm Harry." "Niall" "Zayn" "Louis but you can called me Louie" "Liam". Okay these guys were really really cute.. They looked so familiar. But my thought was interrupted by Mr. Payger. "Come back after your done with them. I'll give you a pass to your next class." "Okay, Thanks." We rushed out. I showed the Harry and Niall to their first period, Mrs. Shultz. Second Period, Mrs. Shultz. Third period, Mrs. Mayberry. Homeroom, Mrs. James. Fourth Period, Mr. Foster. The same schedule as me.. Weird. I showed Liam, Zayn, and Louie. First period, Mr. Foster. Second period, Mr. Anderson. Third period, Mrs. Hernandez. Homeroom, Mrs. Mayberry. Fourth period, Mrs. Shultz. I walk to the office. "Thanks Taylyn, here's your pass" "Anytime Mr. Payger". Then I walked off to art. Third period. With Niall. and Harry. I was looking through my locker when i felt a tap on my shoulder. Harry. "Uhh, Taylyn, thanks for showing me around. I really appriciate it." Under his breath, I heard him mumble that I'm beautiful. I said thank you, but no way. You should see some of the other girls here. He said I have, they don't compare to you. He turned away and started towards his class. I turn to my locker and then feel hands on my waist. Niall. He said "You know, your really beautiful. Beautifuler than any girl I've ever seen. I'm not sure if you think to too but, I think love can happen by eye contact, I think you can know the perfect person for you by looking at them. I know this sounds crazy, But Taylyn, I think I'm in love with you."

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