Taylyn is a sixteen year old girl with a shocking secret. When she moves to Dallas, Texas, a whole new adventure awaits. Niall is bestfriends with Harry, Taylyns sister Marie's boyfriend. When Taylyn meets One Direction, she goes completely insane. But just how far will she go to be with one of them?


9. Niall's P.O.V.

Last night, Taylyn said we had magic. She meant it literally. That guy from the club managed to find our house. He literally waved his finger and Taylyn was tied up in the back of his car. He took her out to the woods and he raped her. Like for real. About 2 hours after taking her from the pool, he brought her back. She was unconscious. I put her in some clothes and untied her. I took her to the hospital. They said that they would keep her a couple days and keep an eye on her. Nurse Katrine, My aunt, said she would probably be alright. She asked me if we had done it any yesterday. I said yes, we did just before the man came and got her and we did it yesterday morning. She said after she woke up in two days, they would give her a pregnancy test. If it was positive, it could be mine or the mans baby. If not, we were lucky... Really lucky. I just hope if she is pregnant, it's my baby. But if it isn't, I know she wasn't cheating on me..


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