Taylyn is a sixteen year old girl with a shocking secret. When she moves to Dallas, Texas, a whole new adventure awaits. Niall is bestfriends with Harry, Taylyns sister Marie's boyfriend. When Taylyn meets One Direction, she goes completely insane. But just how far will she go to be with one of them?


5. Niall's P.O.V.

We were playing Call of Duty whenever we went to Taylyn and Marie's house. I was letting Taylyn win. After all, I'm not sure how she would take it if she lost. She seemed pretty competitive. I invited her to the lake with me over the weekend. After we finished level 4, she went upstairs to pack and Marie went to the bathroom with Louie. As soon as they both left, Harry punched me in the eye. "What was that for bro!?" "Niall, you can't be serious. You stole my girl!" "Your girl? You don't own her! She's free to make her own decisions and she chose me so you need to back off" "Back off? How'm I supposed to back off the girl of my dreams? I've been waiting for 4 years! Four years! To have a girl like this but this always happens. You always take her away and call her yours." I punch Harry. " Dude, If she wants to be with me, she doesn't wanna be with you!" "Whatever" Harry called as he picked up his jacket and slammed the front door behind him. This isn't going to be good for the band.. I thought. I had a black eye and Taylyn was suspicious whenever she came back downstairs with her victoria's secret handbag full of clothes, make-up, and hair appliances. I was beginning to wonder just how much of that she heard. "What happened?" Taylyn asked me. I said "Harry had a little mishap. So he left." "Wheres Marie?" "She went with Louis to the bathroom".

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