Taylyn is a sixteen year old girl with a shocking secret. When she moves to Dallas, Texas, a whole new adventure awaits. Niall is bestfriends with Harry, Taylyns sister Marie's boyfriend. When Taylyn meets One Direction, she goes completely insane. But just how far will she go to be with one of them?


2. Niall's P.O.V.

Taylyn just stood there. I could see the shock and surprise in her eye. Her beautiful blue eyes. It felt like her eyes were the ocean that I could swim in forever. But it was true, I really was in love with her. She was perfect. She finally spoke up. "I-I don't know. I've never heard that before. I'm sorry but I don't know what to say. " Don't say anything". I gently picked up her chin and kissed her. Not a long kiss, but not a short one. Just long enough to prove that I really love her. "That was nice" She said. "Wanna hang out sometime?" "Sure!" I gave her my number and we walked to third period, not to mention we have the some entire schedule which makes it better. "Taylyn! Great to see you darling. Please take your seat. Who is this?" " I'm Niall." Well nice to meet you Niall. Uhmm, we only have one seat open. You can sit by Taylyn. Her partner just moved to Fresno. Class, please be seated. Today, we are drawing perspective, go ahead and start." I didn't know what the heck perspective was but I asked Taylyn the first chance I got. She grabbed my hand and moved my pencil over the paper. The second she touched me, I felt a jolt of electricity. I felt love. I felt.. her. That was all I needed. I started drawing. When the bell rang, it was time for lunch. Taylyn and I walked to our lockers. They were next to each other. We put our books away and I asked her if she wanted to have lunch with me. She said yeah. The limo was just out front. I let her in and closed the door. We started talking. Turns out we have a lot in common. When we ate, we got back in the limo and headed towards school. By the time we got halfway there, my arm was around her and she was sleeping with her head on my shoulder. She is so cute when she sleeps.

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