Taylyn is a sixteen year old girl with a shocking secret. When she moves to Dallas, Texas, a whole new adventure awaits. Niall is bestfriends with Harry, Taylyns sister Marie's boyfriend. When Taylyn meets One Direction, she goes completely insane. But just how far will she go to be with one of them?


3. Harry's P.O.V.

I noticed that Niall and Taylyn were gone for a while. I didn't start to get mad until about fifth period. They walked in holding hands. Were they dating? I didn't know, but i really didn't like it. I was gonna have a serious talk with the boys after school. Fifth period was a breeze. I knew all the answers on the quiz so I just stayed in the bathroom the whole time. Niall and Taylyn sat beside each other across the row. They were holding hands across the rows!! That made me mad. I was gonna have a "talk" with Niall after school.

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