Snow Days

Hi, I'm Ashley! I am 17 and this is the story of how I would fall in live with the man who saved my life.


1. We Will Come Back Tomorrow

*Ashley's POV*

"C'mon" Marisa shouted as we headed towards the mall.

"I'm coming" I screamed after her.

We were going to the mall to enter the modeling competition she begged me to enter with her. It was her life long dream to be a model.

"We're never gonna make it if you keep up that pace" She chanted trudging through the snow.

"You know we could probably do this tomorrow. With all this snow I doubt we are going to have school." I exclaimed

"I'm not leaving this mall until we are entered in the competition!" Marisa whined

"Fine! You win!" I said sarcastically

"I guess I'll just have to cancel my date with Jimmy!"

"Ok! Ok! We can come back tomorrow after school! Just stop making me feel guilty!" She said finally giving up

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